Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Lily and I went to a pumpkin patch with 2 of my 
friends and there kiddies. 
It was such a beautiful morning even though it was a 
tad bit chilly at first.
The pumpkin patch was up the road so we took a pretty walk 
and enjoyed all the colors of fall.

Lily all bundled up

Searching for her perfect pumpkin

She found it!

Lily got to ride in the wagon with the big kids. 
(she thinks she is older than she actually is)

I love fall in Topeka. It is so pretty and the weather is perfect. 
I'm so glad I get t take Lily and do fun things with her.
She is my best little friend!

JRC Halloween Party

Every year around Halloween the JRC Law students throw a Halloween chili cookoff. 
They have costume contests and activities for the little kids and its always fun 
to eat yummy chili and desserts.
Last year I made chili and this year I made cinnamon rolls.
This is also the first year we had a baby to bring along. 
It was so fun to dress us all up.
I got Lilys flapper girl dress at a thrift store and I got mine at Walmart. I made Lily and my headband.
Ben's outfit was easy. I just got him suspenders from Qalmart and a hat that was in the 
Halloween stuff. Ben always has a good attitude with dressing up for Halloween.
He has been doing it with me since we were dating in college. 
We always have lots of fun. 
On our way to the party I had to run into Walmart and everyone was staring at me like I was crazy.
I mean its not like I traveled in time and was lost in the wrong century!!! LOL
It was a very fun night. 

The Roaring Twenties

I do have to say that Ben looks super dapper!

Lily always wants to be with the older kids. Its pretty funny

The wives

Lily playing with baby Lily

Me and my favorite flapper. Oh she is just so cute!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Blog Name

So last year when I was pregnant I was trying to think of what I would 
call this blog after I had a baby. 
I wanted to have something with mom or mommy. But I just couldn't get myself to change it
once Lily was born because I just loved The Life of a Wife. 
But now I feel like its time to change the title. I am a wife and a mommy and I love being both.
It truly is LOVELY! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Family Pictures

I really wanted to get some family pictures taken because I don't have many pictures of the 3 of us.
My friend Janelle took the pictures for us and I love how they turned out.
We went to Gage Park and mostly stayed in the same area. 
Lily was so distracted with the flowers and the sky so I was  afraid none of them turned out good. 
But when I got them home and loaded them I was happily surprised. 

I'm really glad we took these pictures even though trying to take "professional" pictures
with a baby is super hard and stressful. There was lots of yelling 
But all in all it was fun and they turned out exactly how I wanted them 
and they were 100% free!:)

Our Lovely photographer!
Thanks Janelle!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Adding on the Nieces

Aaron and Aubrey our expecting their first baby and they just found out its a GIRL
This little girl will be my 9th niece and my first biological niece so maybe she will look like me!:)
I am super excited for the Luddington side to add another grandbaby.
They already have her name picked out. Eliza Sue.
Sue is Aubrey's moms name and both Aaron and Aubrey have loved Eliza since they got married.
So it will be Lily and Liza.
I cant wait to dress them up in camo and get them pink guns!
She is due only one month after Rachel and Michael have their baby girl. So Lily will have
2 new little girl cousins in the span of one month.
Lily is going to be surrounded by so many girls that now I am not worried about her having a sister.
If we have all boys next, I know she will be ok and I wont feel bad for not giving her a sister!:)
Yay for girls! They are the funnest!

This is how they announced it.
Of course it involved guns.

Congrats Aaron and Aubrey

Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Emby Babies.

Lily is 9 months old and I am far from being baby hungry. Lily still seems little to me and I feel so 
happy with just her right now. But with that said, I am starting to think of our Emby Babies and when we want to start  the process of getting ready to do our FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) 
I have always wanted to have my kids close in age. Me and my brothers are only 21 months apart and I loved growing up so close. I don't want to have a big gap between the kids unless that's the way
it just ends up because of infertility. 
I have not had a period so I don't know if that's because I'm still breastfeeding or if my body is crap and still cant produce eggs unless I poke myself with needles for 2 months. Either way
it doesn't really matter because when Ben and I decide it's time to try for another baby, all I have to do is
call my clinic and start on the meds to get my uterine lining all warm and welcoming for our little embryos.   
With a fresh IVF cycle you have to take lots of medicine to get plenty of eggs ready and then the doctor takes them all out and puts them in a petri dish. They are then fertilized and turn into embryos. 
After the whole process we had five embryos. Two were transferred into my uterus and 3 were frozen.
The FET process is a lot more simple than a fresh IVF cycle because most the work is already done. Ben 
wont have to do anything. I dont have to take as many shots and there are way less Dr appointments. 
The only thing that scares me is we wont know if your embryos are going to survive the thaw until the day 
we actually do it. The chances are two out of three embryos will survive. 
So we will hopefully transfer two and get two babies. 
I think I could handle twins. But I would be perfectly happy with another singleton! 
There is also the chance that I wont get pregnant but we wont think about that. 
If that does happen I think we would wait a few more months and see if anything happens on its own. 
If I dont get pregnant within 6 months we would most likely do another fresh IVF cycle. We would 
just have to start saving the $$$$. 
However I feel pretty good about getting pregnant with the FET cycle. Our embryos were
all in really good shape when we froze them so I don't see why I wouldn't get pregnant again. 
Yay for optimism!
Now when do we do the FET???? 
Lily will turn a year at the end of December and my fertility Dr said its best to wait a few months
after breastfeeding to start the meds for the transfer. They want your body to be out of the cycle of 
breastfeeding for  awhile. So if I wean Lily in January, we would be ready for a transfer in April. 
But I don't want to do another transfer in April because then Lily and the baby/babies would have close to the same birthday. 
I dont wantany more birthdays in December especially so close to Christmas. If we did end of May or June transfer the baby would be born in February and I think that would be perfect age difference. Lily would be just a little over two. They would also be 2 school grades apart and I think thats ideal.
But I also have to take into consideration the fact that I dont know where we will be in May or June. 
We might still be here in Topeka or we might be on the East coast. We just might not be ready to do another transfer yet. But I know that sometime in the year 2014 I will be transferring my Emby Babies. 
They need to get out of the freezer sometime!:)
I love being pregnant and I will be excited about experiencing it again!
I am also excited about growing our family. I love being a mom and its the happiest I have ever been!
I cant wait for a bunch of rugrats running around our house!