Monday, December 31, 2012

She's Here

Lily Anne Romney
 We are just smitten!!!!!
More details to come

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Last Night of Pregnancy

Here I am 40 Weeks pregnant and about to meet my baby girl.
We had our appointment today and all looked good. I am almost dialated to a
4 and effaced 80% so Doc thinks I am well off to get induced.
So it was real easy to say "yes lets get this baby out!"
So tomorrow at 7 am we report to the hospital. They will break my water first
and then see if labor will start on its own. After awhile if I havnt they will start a small dose of pitocin. I have not been worried about labor this whole pregnancy, but now I am starting to get a little
nervous. But I am mostly pretty giddy. I dont know how I am going to sleep tonight!
Here are some highlights of my pregnancy.
I found the whole IVF process very exciting!
I didnt hate giving myself shots for 2 months because the idea of it leading to
a pregnancy was so exciting!
I had my hard days of being worried it wouldnt work, but I also felt a lot of peace!
The moment I found out I was pregnant after a negative test turned possitive!:)
Thank goodness Ben looked in the trash can!
The first time we saw blob baby and saw the flickering heartbeat.
This little thing was only 6 weeks along and already had so much going on.
Finding out baby was a Lily, not a Rhett
Decorating Lily's room
Having a belly.
I really enjoyed this until about 34 weeks.
Then it sucked!!!!
Doing a 3d ultrasound of Lily.
It is so amazing to see them look like 'real babies!
It is so worth the $100 bucks and I plan on doing it with all my babies.
My very first baby shower
And last but not least, having my due date around Christmas.
It was always so fun to say she was due Christmas.
We decided that she is our Christmas clearance baby!!!!
Not gonna lie, the last month was really hard and I
have been very uncomfortable so I am ready to have this girl out!
But, I say my pregnancy was a very good one!
So happy prayers are answered!
Happy to be an almost mommy!!!





Friday, December 21, 2012

The Book of Lily

My mother is one of the funniest women that I know!!!
She is clever and witty and is always making me laugh.
She keeps journals and writes about us kids and the way she does it is so funny.
I think she needs to write books because she would be a wonderful author and her books
would be hilarious!!!
Her latest thing is The Book of Lily, which is actually
for my brother on his mission and everyday she adds a new funny picture
with scripture writing.
I just have to share her amazingness!!!

(I thought I would edit this one for the blog,
but I just think its too perfect! LOL)

I cant wait for more funny things to come out of that crazy head of hers!!!
(and she insists on sleeping in our basement on a pad in her own little cave!)
See, she is crazy...but hilarious!

Friday, December 14, 2012


26 new stars are in the Heavens today!
My heart is broken by the shooting today and the innocent lives
that were taken! May God be with there families.
I am thankful to know that families are forever and that these families will be
reunited with there loved ones.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

And Now We Wait

Another week down and another week closer to having Lily in our arms!
Its hard because really, she could come anyday or she could come 3 weeks from now if she goes late.
So I'm in limbo!
I really really want her to come before Christmas.
There really isnt anything new or exciting to report. I'm still here, still uncomfortable
and still pregnant.
At my last appointment my Dr said Lily's head was really really far down
and I am efazed by like 70%, but I am only dialated to a 1 1/2.
He said he thinks she will come before Christmas, so we shall see.
My mom is coming in about a week to keep me occupied and to be here for sure when I go
into labor, unless I go into labor within these next few days, which I doubt will happen.
Either way, I know that its so soon and I am just getting so excited!
I still have anxiety about her and I talked to my Dr and he said I can go on meds when
I am breastfeeding so I am really happy about that.
Right now all my anxiety is foccused on Lily being safe, and I know that
when she comes, my anxiety will switch to something new. Its just the way my brain
has always functioned. I think being on a good medication will help
me from not having those ruminating thoughts going around 24/7! It sure helped me in high school.
Thats all folks. My next appointment is Thursday and hopefully it will be my last.
Everyone keep your fingers crossed that she comes before Christmas!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Its Beggining to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Even though I am in my last few weeks of pregnancy and very uncomfortable, I'm really
glad I decorated for Christmas. We are not going anywhere this year except hopefully the
hospital, so having the house decorated keeps the Christmas spirit alive!
Our 4 ft Christmas Tree. I think its adorable and there
was no way we were going to clean up the mess of a big tree
when we have a brand new baby!
I also kept the ornements to a minimum

Our Stockings
I did the collage on my walls that I have been wanting
to do for a long time!
I put Christmas Cards in some of the slots for the season.

I am so excited for Christmas because it means I will either have my
Little Lily
or be very very close to it!

Monday, December 3, 2012

37 Weeks

Here I am, 37 weeks, full term and pretty miserable!!!!
I can honestly say that my pregnancy glow is officially gone.
I enjoyed it while I had it, but now I just want Lily out and in my arms.
Reasons why my glow is gone....
1. I have Pupps, which is a rash you get on your belly
that doesnt go away until the baby is out. It hurts like a mother!
This rash started right after Thanksgiving. It is only around my belly button
and makes my stretch marks look red and horrible, and the itch is unbarable!!!
2. When Lily moves I can feel her down in my pelvis and it is very uncomfortable.
It is also uncomfortable when she is lopsided or is pushing on my side. I feel like
she is going to push right through my tight as a drum belly.
(not real picture but this is how I picture it)
3. My feet are so swollen and I cant wear my boots anymore. At least this just recently
happened adn not earlier. My rings still fit me so I'm glad about that.
Perks on swollen feet...pedicures!
4. My boobs hurt oh so very bad! And I know that its only going to get worse when I
start breastfeeding. I can hardly stand to lay on my side. They start to hurt
about ten minutes after I get dressed and I just want to rip off all my clothes!
Steamy I know!
So unless I am going out of the house, I am mostly in pajamas.
The plus side to my sore ladies is that they have grown at least 3 sizes!
Its awesome!!!
Me during pregnancy!
So other than these few complaints, life is still pretty awesome!
I just cant beleive that in 3 weeks I will be a mommy!
Its been a long time coming and I just cant wait!
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