Sunday, July 22, 2012

18 Weeks

Today I am 18 weeks
My favorite moment was feeling the baby kick
for the first time last night. 
I have felt the baby only a few times today
but I know that soon it will be constant.
I am very excited. 
Here are some pictures that my mom took today.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pregnancy Survay

 I got this survay from my friends blog
and I wanted to do one too!

1. What name did you and your spouse call your baby before you knew the gender?
We dont know the gender yet, but I call the baby Swish Swish or Lil'Rhett(lily and Rhett together)
2. When did "Oh-my-gosh-we're-having-a-baby" really sink it? Probably not until I hit 2nd trimester and got the home doppler and could listen to the heartbeat whenever I wanted.
3. When you think of yourself as a mom, what's the first thing to come to mind? My mom! I want to be just like her as a mom.

4. Is your nursery complete? What's the theme and what do you have left to complete? No, but Im getting really excited about decorating it. Im painting the room a light light tealish green/blue for either boy or girl and I already have a hot air balloon mobile. Its super cute and would look good for a boy or girl nursery.

5. List 5 qualities you hope your baby will possess: Funny personality, cuddly,cute, chubby cheeks, big eyes like his/her daddy!

6. What's your ideal labor experience? Hmmmm...I have not really thought about labor. I am just so pre-occupied with pregnancy! My mom says its hell on I dont have any illusions of this beautiful moment!
But as long as the baby is healthy and happy, I will survive!:)

7. List 5 things that have changed in your relationship with your spouse since you've been pregnant: Well this pregnancy is very special to both Ben and I because it is our first but also because we had to go through so much to even get this baby in my belly!  Ben was such a support during my 1 1/2 years of struggling physically and emotionally, he was so good w/ me and my anxiety during the first trimester. He is very excited for the baby and whenever someone says something about me being pregnant Ben cuts in and says "I helped!" He is cute!

8. List 5 things you think will change once your baby arrives: I think we will have to ajust to not being able to go places as easily as we used to. We cant just decide to go to a movie whenever we want. I think I will also somewhat struggle on being home all day. I am not a home body, but I still am excited to be home with my baby!
However I think this baby will bring Ben and I even closer because this baby is a part of both of us and we now have someone to take care of besides a dog!

9. Where do you think you'll be when you go into labor? Why? Well I am due around Christmas so I will probably just be chilling at home with my family when the contractions start. Unless baby comes early. But I am not going to get induced. Im just going to let Swish Swish come whenever he/she pleases.

10. Have you been talking to your baby? Playing music? I sometimes talk to the baby but not much. I will just say random things. But I sing a lot by myself and Im sure baby can hear me. I think once I start feeling the baby move I will talk more to it. Ben and I do say goodnight to the baby.

11. In what ways do you hope your baby is like your spouse? I want the baby to have Bens lips and skin coloring, he has nice tan olive skin. I also want our child to be somewhat mellow like Ben. I just dont want them to get the anxiety from me!(even though Im still awesome!:))

 12. In what ways do you hope your baby is like you?  I want our baby to have my green eyes! I also want them to be petite(which is probably the only combonation Ben and I can have!) I also want the baby to have my outgoing personality.

13. How long will you wait for the next baby, or if this is your last one, why/why not? This is complicated! Ben and I have 3 frozen embryos so I dont want to wait long to transfer those little guys! Im not sure if we will get pregnant from those but if we do it will just depend on how many stick. If we get twins next time Im not sure what our next move would be. If we only get one out of the three then Im sure we will do another round of In-Vitro. I also might get pregnant on our own. But for sure when we want our 2nd baby we will just call our Dr and get the ball rolling.

14. What kind of grandparents do you think your baby will have? This is the first grandbaby on my side of the family so my parents are so excited. I think they are going to be such good grandparents. They are already spoiling him/her with baby stuff. The Romneys are amazing grandparents to my neices and nephews and so I am excited to add another one to the gang!

15. Who will be with you during labor? Who will visit you in the hospital during your recovery? Ben and my mom! My mom was there for the embryo transfer since Ben couldnt go. She will also be at the ultrasound when we find out what we are having. And I think I will need her while Im giving birth because knowing Ben, he would tell me to RELAX(in his calm voice of course) Plus sometimes I think you just need your mom to help! I am her only daughter and I want her to be apart of the delivery process. I hope everyone in my family can visit me at the hospital after the birth.

16. How much will you tell your baby (child, teenager) about your past? Why/why not? Probably everything. I dont really have anything to hide! Plus I want them to know what I was like growing up. I want them to look up pictures of me and say "yeah my mom had a pretty awesome time growing up!"

17. Do you have any hopes for your child's activities? (Sports, academics, school preference, activities, etc) I really want my kids to sing! I grew up singing in choirs my whole childhood/teenage years and it brought me so much joy! I think they will probably do some kind of sport because Ben is really athletic! They definitly wont get that from me...but I think I could pull off a soccor mom!

18. When will you tell your baby about the birds and the bees? When they are little. My mom taught us kids before we even started elementary. I think its good to talk about that kind of stuff and make them aware of what "everything" is.

19. In what ways do you hope you'll parent like your parents did? My parents supported me a lot and were able to give me a very comfortable childhood. I want that for my kids. I want a good balance between rules and freedom! My parents were great at letting us do our own thing. They taught us what was right and wrong and we didnt want to dissapoint them. I want my kids to feel that way!

20. Which childhood memory do you hope your child will have (similar to one you fondly remember?) Playing with there siblings and going on fun road trips

21. And finally, Be annoying! What "advice" do you want newly pregnant women to know? I dont have any advice....I still feel like I am newly pregnant. However I will give advice for anyone who is not pregnant and wants to be....if it takes you longer than a year, go get checked out because there is most likely a problem that doctors can help you with!!!! Thats all I have to say about that!:)

Here are baby pics of me and Ben...I have to say that I think
we will have one cute baby! 

Pink and Blue Marbles

Well here I am, 17 weeks today.
Last week at what I thought was my 15 week(and 5 day) appointment
my Dr said I was actually 16 weeks and 2 days according to my egg retrival date, so I am 4 days ahead of what I thought. YAY!
In 3 weeks we will find out if we have a baby girl or boy
I think we are going to draw a blue marble instead of pink!
Let me explain! 
There have been so many girls born this year. 2 of my best friends
are pregnant(one just had her little girl) and the other baby girl is due any day. One of my friends from college who is 5 weeks ahead of me found out last week that she is having a girl.
 3 of my sister in laws have had baby girls this
year and 2 more are pregnant with girls.
So I feel like everyone drew the pink marbles out of the bag and there are only blue ones left.
(yes I am basing my whole reasoning for boy on the odds
of another girl being born this year!)
There just needs to be a boy in the mix.
But I am happy with either so if I do end up pulling out a
 pink marble I will be so excited!
My sis in law Jen and I decided that I win either way
because if its a little girl it will be fun to have 6 little
girls cousins all around the same age. ANd if its a boy he will
have fun with 5 girls and he can date there friends!
Plus pictures would be cute with him in the middle
of all these girls.
And these girls are CUTE!!!!
Here is proof.

Aleta Romney
She belongs to Bens brother Jacob and his wife Julie
She was born in December so technically she was not
born this year, but come on, its just so close!!!

This is miss Hazel Winterton
Hazel was born in March to Bens sister Rachel and her husband Michael

Lena Romney
She is the 3rd baby to Jared and Jen(Jared is another brother)
She was born in May

Celeste(Bens brother Miles wife) is due in September.
This will be their first girl so it
will be exciting to see what she looks like! 

Sarah(Bens sister) is due in October.
This little girl is their first baby.

Everyday I feel blessed to have a little baby
growing in my belly!
Life could not be better right now!
(well maybe when the baby comes!):)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July fun

This 4th of July was probably one of my
favorites to count!
We had a lot of fun and being pregnant added to the magic!

Ben and I went swimming at this AWESOME pool
We were there for hours

We then met up with our friends Natasha and Richard
and there 2 kids. She is 13 weeks pregnant and does not look it at all.
Its fun to be pregnant together and so close

At the Lake going to watch the fireworks
(the show was pretty awesome and the weather was great!)

It was a very fun day and night and I cant wait til next year when
we have a 6 month old to dress up in red white and blue!
(thats the only reason I actually want a kid, just to dress them up!)

HOpe everyone else had a great day!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Matching Twins

Today was my last day of work.
That means no more matching days w/ Janelle!
I mean its not like I died and we can still
have matching days when we go out
(it just feels more lame outside of work! LOL)
But here are the pics of our matching (dress up) days at work


Ugly christmas shirts and cute Christmas scarves

St Patricks Day

Dresses on my last day

We also matched on Valentines Day but we didnt
take a picture! I'm kind of mad about that. Oh well.
We both love cardigans so we often matched without
actually trying.
No matter how old you are its still fun to play dress up!
Thanks Janelle for being my matching twin!:)