Thursday, June 16, 2011

I love You Daddy

I know its not actually fathers day until Sunday but I am going to be in 
Missouri all weekend so I decided to dedicate this blog post to my daddy!
Growing up I was always a mommys girl. The girls stuck together.
I never liked hunting and I never liked John Wayne movies.
But I loved my dad. He is a wonderful father and full of so much spirit.
Over the years I have grown closer and closer to him and I wish I could
see him everyday! I miss his scrubs and cowboy boots!;)
Her are some reasons why I love him so much

 We are the spitting image of eachother! Or so they say

He is a goof ball in the best way! He wears his Dorkter (DR) Luddington name proudly!


He is a wonderful husband to my mom! 26 years;)

He provided me with a wonderful home to grow up in

He also always provided food and protection!!!!

Oh Yeah....and MONEY! haha

Other reasons include

1. He is so kind to everyone
               2. Can really rock the cowboy boots!
         3. He could never stay mad at us!
               4. Even if me and my brothers totally
                  diserved the punishment we recieved,
                                  he would always apoligize for getting mad at us!
                                      5. He works so hard everyday at his dental practice
  6. Best dentist in the town! ;)
       7. Sings great w/ Shania Twain!
 8. Best boss I have ever had!
      9. He can sleep through anything
                 10. He wears turtle necks in the summer
                              11. He will make an awesome grandpa someday
                                           12. He tells me everyday how proud he is of me and Ben

There are many more things that are wonderful about him
 Im so thankful he is mine!


I guess I am Daddy's little girl!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fun in the Sun

Jen, Jared and the kids came to see us for a fun day at the beach.
We sure do love them!

The girls

Princess Adelyn and King Ben

Boys playing basketball

Sisters ;)


Beach Babes

Adelyn knows how to work it...she is even checking out the life guard.