Friday, February 7, 2014

A Lovely Little Romance

Since its almost Valentines Day and Ben and I just celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary
I decided to do a post about our budding romance as young cute little kids. 
Ok Ben was actually the same age  I am now so I guess he wasn't really a kid. LOL

Boy meets Girl

It was Spring semester at BYU-Idaho. I hadn't even been back from London a week when I 
packed up my bags to go to Idaho. 
I felt like I had experience because of my study abroad and  I came to school with my head held high.
 I was going to make this
semester of school AWESOME filled with lots of confidence and lots of dates. 
The very first Sunday at church, I was wearing this cute little sundress and I was sitting with my roommates. I, naturally being hungry, started eating a fruit roll up and all of the sudden someone started tapping on my shoulder. I turn around to see Ben sitting behind me 
with his hand held out to me.
He then started to motion to give him some of my fruit roll up. I think his exact words were
"Give me Give me"
I gave him a cute little smerk and was like 
"no way, I share with no one!" 
He then gave me the cutest little smile and I couldn't resist. 
So I gave him a piece. 
I definitely thought he was cute. 
For the next few weeks I kind of dated this other guy at school. (not a fun story)
but I would still notice Ben, who was also somewhat with another girl. 
One day right before Memorial Day our FHE groups ended up doing an activity together.
We were playing ultimate Frisbee and I was really excited that Ben was there. 
(the other guy was gone by now)
I just remember being so impressed because Ben could jump like 4 feet to catch the frizbee. 
I then decided to climb a tree because I am weird and it looked fun. 
Well all of the sudden, there was Ben, climbing up the tree with me. 
It was pretty cute!
I then went to Utah for Memorial Day and the night I came back to Idaho I was bringing up
my suitcase and I decided to go say hi to my neighbors. I walked in and started talking to them
and then I looked over at their couch and realized Ben was there. 
I instantly felt the butterflies. 
He was over hanging out with them watching Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure. 
So I joined them. 
I sat on the floor and then Ben came and sat down by me.
 That morning before I went back to Idaho I was debating whether I should
shave my legs because I was just driving home. But I decided that I should shave them so 
I wouldnt have to the next day. 
SO they were nice and smooth!!!!
 As we were sitting watching the movie, my cute sexy shaven legs were there right in front of Ben.
All of the sudden, Ben puts his hands on my lower leg and starts to make the sarcastic sound like sand paper going up my I hadnt shaven or something and they were prickly.
But really they were as smooth as can be! 
I then felt his leg and said
"hmmm nice and smooth"
We laughed. It was love!
(I still dont know what would have happened if my legs had actually been prickly! We probably
wouldnt be married now!) :)
Here is the actual outfit I was wearing! 

 After that we just started hanging out. 
I would go to his soccer games and he would come over to watch movies at my apartment. 
We walked to church together and always sat with each other. 
We were becoming more then friends. 
Then June 12 came.
We were watching The Lost Boys at my apartment and we were holding hands.
He then dipped me down and kissed me. 
It was spontaneous and perfect!
 ( I had actually taken a picture of us earlier that night before the kiss)

The next two months were full of so many fun memories. 

We went to the Tetons

Played at the lake

Went to Messa Falls

Spent 4th of July at the lake and then watched the fireworks

Drove around in Ben's hot car even though it was falling apart!

And kissed....a lot!

Then the semester ended and we had our 7 week break before fall semester.
I was going back to Wyoming and Ben was staying in Idaho.
It was a sad day saying goodbye. 
In Wyoming I was a nut case. 
I freaked out the whole time
"what if Ben doesnt like me when I get back"
"He is graduating in December, whats going to happen"
bla bla bla bla. 
However I did go to San Francisco for one of my best friends Wedding and
that was lots of fun and it also got me thinking about marriage and whether I could see
myself marrying Ben.....

I COULD!!!!! 

(Mishons Wedding)

Finally September came and we started right where we left off!
However it was just a little different because it was Ben's last semester 
so we had to start thinking more about our future. 
It wasnt as innocent as our summer romance was. 
Of course we still had a blast!

SUMO wrestling


One of Ben's football games
(I loved watching him play sports)

Then Ben asked me to come to Missouri with him for Thanksgiving and meet his family.
is all I could think about. 
SO off to Missouri we went and I immediately wanted to become a Romney!

(this pic is actually a year later...but close enough!)

After Thanksgiving we only had 3 weeks of school left before the end of the semester and 
before Ben graduated.
The first weekend back at school me and Ben and my roomate and her boyfriend went on a little 
trip to a cabin in Montana. While we were there Ben and I had some serious talk about marriage
and all our different options. 
We could either date long distance and eventually get married, date long distance and eventually 
break up, break up....or get married. 
I liked the last option. 
Back in Idaho Ben became a little distant. We were busy with finals but i could tell he was
pulling away a little. 
I was sure he was going to break up with me. 
One night we decided to take a little drive. It was snowing outside and looked 
so pretty. 
We parked the car at our favorite park and sat there in silence for a little bit. 
My heart was sinking. 
This was it.
My perfect romance was about to end. 
I was going to have to start all over again. 
Then Ben spoke. 
B-"Do you like me?"
K-"Yes, of course, do you like me?"
B-"of course"
B-"Do you love me?"
K-"yes, of course, do you love me?"
B-"So um, do you want to keep me?"
B-"well, um, do you want to be kept?"
B: "well, do you want to marry me?"

(that really was our conversation) haha
 Ben then went outside and knelt down in the snow and officially asked me to marry him!
The snow was falling and it was perfect. 

We were married 7 weeks later!

And the rest is history!!!! 
I got to keep my lovely little romance!