Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2 years down baby!

Nothing says Happy Anniversary like having a picnic on your living room floor and watching The Bachelor! Such a fun night. We ate pizza, drank Champagne(mormon style of course) and nibbled on yummy junk food. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day!

When Ben and I got married and we were in our new ward I would look at the couples who had been married for two years and I would think, man they have been married for such a long time. Well now I am to that mark and I look at couples who have been married for 6 years and Im like "man thats a long time!" I still feel like we are babies to other couples. Especially since we are the youngest couple in law school, and we have no kids. But I am proud of our 2 years together. We have cried, laughed and yelled but each year I feel more and more comfortable with Ben and our little family. I am excited for the future mile markers in our marriage. Our first baby, our first house, Bens graduation and many other unexpected things along the way. (those are not in order BTW):) YAY for anniversaries!
                                                             Pics through the Years

Happy 2 years

Friday, January 27, 2012

Princess Snob

Im a Princess snob!

I came home from lunch and Ben was home sick watching Mulan
The first thing I said was "I dont really like Mulan"
He rolled his eyes which made me defend my reasoning.
I dont really like her because she acts like a boy and has short hair.
See I told you, Princess snob.
This all started when I was little.
I only liked the princess that looked like me.

See, Super blonde, only Cinderella would do.
I didnt even have a soft spot for Aurora for some reason.


I dont really remember watching Beauty and the Beast, Aladin and snow white.
I just didnt like those princesses. I dont really know if it was because of there hair or not.
I did love Cinderella and Ariel(I loved mermaids)
I wish I could go back to my 4 year old self and get to the bottom of why I did not
like these 'other' princesses. I thoroughly enjoy them now.
Well except Snow White...that old movie gives me the creeps.
This brings up another point...Im kind of a Disney Snob too!
I hate old disney. Like Disney from the 40's and 50's. Even when I was little it scared me.
Bellow are pictures of the disney movies that gave me the willies when I was just a wee one.


Snow White

Ben and I talk about this a lot because he doesnt understand how I find
these old movies "disturbing"
I just do!
He also always asks what I grew up watching as a kid.
DUh Ben, I have been watching Friends since I was 3.
There were lots of movies and shows that I liked.
Here is a list of my favorites. Some disney, some are not.
1. Thumbalina
2. Lion King
3. Swan princess
4. Peter Pan
5. Princess and the Goblin
6. Cinderella
7. Little Mermaid
8. Toy Story
9. Land Before time
10. Mary kate and Ashley movies

So just because I didnt like a lot of the princess movies and old Disney,
I still think I had a pretty normal childhood!:)
I just hope my future kids dont like old Disney movies like there daddy!
I hope they cry everytime I turn them on!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What do you do when your sad??? Cut your hair of course!

Yesterday was not a good day by all means.  I did my IUI which was the most uncomfortable out of all the other ones I have gone through. It left me feeling very sore and constipated(sorrry TMI????) Well we also got some other news that put a major damper on my mood at the appointment. I was feeling sorry for Ben and I and then I had to go to work and sit on a chair all day which did not help my sore body. I just wanted to sleep....and cry of course. Well after work I just wanted to do something to get my mind off of everything. SO thats what I did. I went shopping and got a hair cut! I am very satisfied and am feeling a little better then yesterday. Yay for the little things that make me feel better.
 Lets just hope the big things come soon!:)

Longer in front, shorter in back

Cell phone pics dont do it justice.
But I approve!:)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One More Go

Well this is it guys. Onto my 4th cycle. If this last IUI does not work its time for the big guns.
And by big guns I mean this.......


The Doctors have reassured me that I have been responding very
nicely to the medication and that the numbers for our IUIs
always look really good.
This doesnt really comfort me though because if I have been
responding so well...how come I am not pregnant?
It makes me think there is something else wrong with me.
I talked to my doctor and they want to try one more IUI.
If it doesnt work then they will have to run more tests on both Ben and I
The statistics of an IUI working after the 4th try is pretty slim so we probably
will not do another one and put that money towards IVF.
Thank goodness for tax returns!!!!:)

Some funny cartoons that made me giggle.


My sister in laws....and me

I never thought this blog would turn into an infertility blog.
But I never thought I would have to go through all of this
and it is a part of my day to day life. So goodbye for now,
Im off to swollow my 10 pills!
Wish us lots and lots of luck!