Saturday, August 31, 2013

Girls Girls and more Girls

On the Romney side of the family, 6 girls were born in one year ending with Lily.
Thats pretty crazy right? I mean thats a lot of girls for one family. 
Well the fun continues....
Rachel, Bens sister, is pregnant and they just found out its....
you guessed it.....
7 girls in a row!
Sleepovers are going to be so fun
I picture something like this.

but it could also look something like this!

hahaha, just kidding. 
I think they are going to be the best of friends and one day be each others bridesmaids
that might look something like this

I am so glad Lily has so many cousins close her age. She will
always have friends that will forever be her friends
5 of the girls at Easter
left to right
Aleta, Mira, Lily, Lena and Hazel
This is Elizabeth who is 2 months older than Lily

And cute Rachel pregnant with girl #7 and grandbaby #12
The family is just getting bigger and bigger and its so fun!

Friday, August 30, 2013

8 Months

Lily is 8 months old and is now all over the place. She crawls everywhere and 
I cant let her out of my sight or she will get into everything (mostly dog food)
She still can only really say mama even though she bables a bunch of other stuff.
Her first tooth started coming in exactly at 8 months. I think she is working on her second one. 
She laughs at random things and sometimes I find her in her crib when she is supposed to be napping and she is just laughing at the wall. Creepy! (Have any of you guys seen the movie Mama? Reminds me of that!)
She loves to cuddle when she is tired and I love watching her sleep. 
I cant believe in 4 months she will be a year. Where has the time gone.
I absolutly love her in this tutu and her converse. Oh my gosh I could just eat her face!

Look at those legs!!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Hose Water and Mud

It was super hot today so after I ran some errands with Lily, I let her play with the hose.
She quite enjoyed herself. 


She literally held the hose to herself like this and drank right from it.
I cant believe she didnt freak out. I mean it was freezing water.

And a video for your viewing...I dont know why its going all fast 
Anyway...Lily is one tough cookie!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Zoo

Topeka has some pretty fun things to do and one of them is the zoo.
Its a perfect size zoo with all the cool animals, lions, tigers, bears OH MY!
They have a rain forest exhibit and its in a really nice park. We have taken Lily there several times
Its perfect size and you can see everything in about an hour.
There is also a train that goes around the park so Lily had her first ride.

Its always so fun to go to the zoo!
On the train

The dads and babes

 Monkey house

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Growing Girl

I feel like the past month Lily has grown up so much! 
She is becoming her own little person!
She can feed herself, talk (mostly babble and say mama) 
crawl, clap and pull herself up onto things and thinks Rice is the coolest thing ever!
She also is realizing that she can take off her bows!
 Usually after I put her bow back on several times, she forgets about it. 
She is also wearing shoes now. Its so fun because she used to kick them off or they were way to big. 
Now she wears all the summer sandals I bought her earlier this year! Yay, guess I didnt waste money!
She sleeps through the night unless I wake her up on accident. I tend to do laundry and clean the house 
at night, so its not out of the norm to hear the vacuum at 10 at night.
She still LOVES the water and just recently started crawling in the bath tub. She gets on all
4s and then dips her head in the water and sucks it up. Its pretty hilarious. 
Her laugh is so funny and her smile is to die for. 
I melt when she gives me her cute grin!
She is honestly my best friend!
I dont feel like she is a little baby anymore. She is so intrigued by everything and its so fun to 
watch her get excited about things. I cant wait to see what kind of a toddler she will be. 
I just cant imagine my life without this smart, happy funny ray of sunshine!!!!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Saucy Wench!

Last night after playing games with our friends, Ben informed me 
that the whole night my cleavage looked like that of a bar wench!


Even modest Mormon tank tops cant hide what I got!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Frontier Days

Every summer during the 3rd week of July, Cheyenne is the host of the largest rodeo in the country.
 The daddy of them all!
For ten days they have rodeos, concerts pancake breakfasts, air shows and
the carnival is open all day long.
This year we all were able to come to Cheyenne except Jesse who is
serving his last month of his mission in Durban SOuth Africa. (cant wait to see him)
 We did so much stuff that it would be to long to go through every detail. So pics will do.

Styx and JOurney concert.
There were tons of old guys rocking out to songs from their past
Rockin the cowboy boots
 Lily got to have a cookie for Uncle Aarons birthday
(most of it just ended up on her face and the floor)

She also got cotton candy at the carnival

Us Girls at the carnival
Me and Kelsey. We have been best friends since 7th grade, even though
we have known each other longer than that. 
My mom and Lily.
Looks like Lily has a major diaper wedgy!

All dresssed for the rodeo!
Bunking broncos

OOB and GOOB (and lil peanut)

Us girls went and saw The Band Perry and Rascall Flats.
It was such a fun concert.
Lily is a true Daisy Duke!

but not least....
a few pics of my house and the view

 Backside of my house

 Nothing beats Wyoming skies
 My moms garden