Monday, May 23, 2011


So everyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE
Everywhere I go I have one in my hand. It is the most refreshing drink out there!
I  LOVE everything about it!
NOw I blame my mother for my addiction. There is this home video
of me when I was two and I am sitting in my high chair, covered in chocolate
sipping coke out of my bottle. In the background you hear my mom say
"Dont tell daddy you had donuts and coke for breakfast."
I didnt tell! Now my mom and I have always shared the joy of Coke.
My dad and my brothers were not fans, and between me and my mom
we went through hundreds! We bonded over coke. We would watch tv and pop
one open. Every time we went out of the house we would go get a coke from McDonalds
(they have the best fountain cokes)
When I went to college I kept my same love of coke. After class me and my
roomates would drive to the local gas station and get a fountain drink for 50 cents.
In London I never had tea or anything fancy, a coke was all I needed!
Ah those were happy coke years!
Now Ben is not a fan of coke so I can not share the same joy with him.
But dont sweat, I still get my cokes! I always have one in our fridge. At work its the only thing that
gets me through the long day! Its always a nice break, and my good friend Janelle always
supplies me with one! Thank goodness for good friends and a good cold Coke!

We even matched today!
That was just coincidence and the
inspiration for this blog post

There are other reasons why Coke is the best!!!

They have the cool old signs!

Any thing antique w/ the coke logo is just cool!

Santa is a big fan!!!!

It obviously attracts the ladies!!!!
Rice likes coke too!

Thank you Coca Cola for bringing
much happiness to my life!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

===== I Thinks Me Likey The Stripes! = = = =

I was putting away the laundry and I realized I had a trend going on
I dont know where this came from. I never liked stripes before
and once upon a time I hated them!!!
  Well there must be a stripe fever in the air because
I likey the stripes!!!!!
Well thats all I have to say about that!!!!;)