Thursday, November 29, 2012

My new Toy!

For a long time I have wanted a new camera, but just didnt have the real push to get one.
I have had my little digital camera for 4 years when I went on my study abroad.
It has been a great convenient camera, but I wanted a nice one that takes fast, clear pictures.
Especially now that we are having a baby. Plus Ben and Rice are impossible to take pictures of because Ben will only smile for like 2 seconds and Rice will only look at you for 1!
So I needed a point and shoot that didnt have delays.
So for my Christmas present from my parents,they told me to get a camera.
How could I say no to that!!!
My sis in law Jen and mother in law helped me camera shop over Thanksgiving break.
I didnt really want a huge professional camera becuase I just didnt want to drag it around.
So finding a smaller camera that had the same kind of quality seemed rare.
But while we were looking Jen found my perfect camera!
Its a Sony Alpha Nex 5n.
It looks like a digital only bigger and the lense doesnt go inside the camera.
It has so many different settings and the response time is super super fast!
So now I can actually get pictures of Ben and Rice looking at me.
And I plan on taking thousands of pictures of Lily!
I still have yet to read the maual and figure out all the cool settings because
its like a foreign language to me...but if I can put together Lily's dresser(which was hell on earth)
 I can figure out how to use my high tech camera!
At first I didnt want to take it out of the box until Christmas...but I couldnt help myself and
just wanted to start playing with it. Plus I want it ready for when Lily comes.
My neice Lena was a great help and modeled wonderfully for me!


I didnt think to clean up her slobbery face...
but she is still SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

These were mosty auto...but I was able to play with some settings.
I am excited to play with it some more and become a pro!
Dont worry...I am not planning on starting a mormon mom photography buisness!!!! LOL

Monday, November 26, 2012

Now and Then

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2012

I feel like Ben looks the same but I have changed a lot!
Its still weird to think that we have been married almost 3 years.
Sometimes I feel like we have been married a lot longer!
Cant wait for next Thanksgiving when Lily can be in the picture!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Itching to Redecorate!

Lately(as in the past few days) I have been itching to redecorate my house.
I want to add more pictures around the house because we really dont have any up.
I had so much fun decorating Lily's room and now I feel like I need to do something else.
I'm getting bored with the same big painting I have above our couch, and the kitchen needs something new on the walls. So I'm starting to brainstorm some ideas.
I am also getting excited to decorate for Christmas and this is the first year I have been thinking
about it before Thanksgiving. Usually I have no desire to even think about Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. But I am getting so excited and want to start now.
I think its because I need to have something occupy my time until Lily comes. Thank goodness
this week is Thanksgiving and we will be going to Missouri.
Yay for holidays!
This is kind of what I want to do in the living room.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Twilight Party

Last night the Law Wives (thats the only name I can think of for our group)
threw a Twilight Party. Now Im not a huge Twilight lover, I mean I love watching the movies
but I never read the books and never really had a desire too. But boy this party was so fun!
There was dinner, games and prizes and the host went all out on decorations.
I am sure she spent lots of $$$ on the party.
The dinner table had chess peices on the plates

                                             There were framed pictures of Bella and Edward
                                                                       all around the house


Dinner was so good
I contributed by bringing the saled.
It was a big hit thanks to this new Italian dressing that I am in LOVE  with.
They made us pregnant girls play the donut game.

These girls are awesome and I'm so glad to have so many
friends here in Topeka! It was a great night!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Blog Title

I have been thinking about changing my blog title because I feel like I should add
mommy in there because I wont just be a wife anymore.
But I still want to keep The Life of a Wife part.
So here is what I'm thinking.
The ____ life of a mommy and wife.
I can go with either of the following....
1. Crazy
2. Entertaining
3. Amazing
4. Lovely
5. Happy
6. Crappy(diapers, get it?)
Ok I wont do #6.
Thats all I can think of right now. I think I like Lovely because it flows nicely.
I have a few weeks to decide. Any suggestions would be nice too!

Monday, November 12, 2012

34 Weeks

Only 6 weeks left!
I know that all I blog about is pregnancy, but really thats all going on in my life.
Plus, its better than talking about trying to get pregnant!
I really have loved being pregnant, but Im so ready to have this baby out of my womb!
I just want to hold her and kiss her!
Its still hard to picture actually having her here. It almost feels like I'm just
pretending. But I'm not pretending! She is coming and coming fast!
When I get home from Thanksgiving break I will only have a month to go.
At my Dr appointment on Friday, my belly was measuring 2 weeks ahead.
They want to do an ultrasound in 2 weeks to check her growth, so maybe JUST maybe
she will come earlier. I doubt it. I was an 8 pound baby and Ben was 9 pounds.
So we just start out fat and get really small when we grow!
I officially have passed Bens weight, or at least really close.
We have everything set up for Lily so now we just wait.
Oh waiting...I have no patience!
The pack n play fits perfectly between Ben's desk and our Bed.
(dont judge my pathetic attempt at making a bed for a picture;)
The swing.
After we set it up Ben kept playing with all the different settings.
I think he is going to enjoy playing with Lily!
We also put the car seat in the car. But we have not actually
strapped it in. So when I drive around it sometimes flops to its side and
I feel like people are judging me if they see a flipped over car seat!:)
I just dont know what seat your actually supposed to have the carseat sit.
I'm sure we will figure it out before we go to the hospital!
I'm still very proud that I made the cover!
Maybe I should get a sewing machine!
Ok thats all for now.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Feeling Loved!

I have been so blessed with awesome friends here in Topeka!
Two weeks ago my law wife friends threw me a baby shower
and then last weekend my girlfriends and some old co workers took me to
Olive Garden where we celebrated and ate yummy food.
Tomorrow a lady in my ward is throwing me my final baby shower.
I am very excited and Lily is definitly getting spoiled.
Its nice to have so many people excited for this baby! We feel very lucky!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Baby Think it Over

In High School I was in a child development class and one of our
projects for our final grade was to take care of a fake baby for a week.
How hard can it be to take care of a doll you ask?
Well.....when you have a screwed up doll, its kind of hard!
His name was Fredrick Alfredo, yes we had to name them and we
even had a birth cirtificate. He even had little boy parts.
We were given a bracelet that we had to swipe on the baby when he cried
so that it would register we were taking care of him. If we didnt swipe it and actually
feed/change/sooth baby, he would continue crying.
So we got the baby along with a carseat and stricked instructions from our teacher
to not take this lightly and that it was a good chunk of our grade.
We even had to take the baby to our other classes but my teacher turned off the sensor
during the school day so that it wouldnt interupt our other classes. But the minute
school got out, the babies stopped "sleeping"
Now real babies are cute. These babies were ugly. Real babies are soft, these
babies were plastic. Real babies are REAL, this baby was fake!
It was kind of hard to take it seriously.
So the very first day I had the baby, I put the car seat in the back of my car and I GUESS I
was supposed to actually put a seatbelt around the carseat. We didnt have
one of those real car seat staps so I didnt think about buckling it up.
As we were driving home my brother purposly slamed on the brakes and
the carseat went flying up and hit the dashboard.
Baby started screaming.
I couldnt help but laugh because it was just kind of funny. I mean its a doll!!!
But I yelled and my brother telling him that this was for an actual grade
and I had to take it seriously. So I took the screaming baby out of the
carseat and swiped his back with my bracelet and started rocking him.
Nothing happened.
My sensor was not working and baby kept screaming.
I tried to change him, feed him and rock him and the screaming wouldnt stop.
This went on the whole night. By 12 in the morning I was like
"screw this, its a fake baby and obviously the sensor chip is not working, so into the closet you go!"
Me and my mom laughed as we covered the doll with like 100 blankets so we couldnt
hear the screaming.
In the morning the baby was still crying. I went to my teacher right away and
sure enough she had given me the wrong bracelet. So she cleared the account so
it wouldnt show that I had left the baby screaming all night. I got a fresh start.
So for the next few days I did my best at being a good mommy.
However I felt like it took a long time for my bracelet to register that I was
taking care of the baby. My other friends dolls would instantly stop crying, mine would not.
It would take at least 5 minutes before I would hear the beep from my bracelet.
But I did my best.
On Sunday I went to church  and one of my friends wanted to hold the doll.
I gave it to her and it started crying.
She started shaking the baby in a joking way...but it was no joke to me.
I grabed the doll and started soothing it. And in mid cry it just stopped crying.
The doll was broken.
Yes....I broke my baby think it over.
The next day at class I showed my teacher and she said that the baby was shut down
because it was shaken..oops.
NEVER shake a baby!
So I got a C on the project.
Now if you asked me if I learned anything from this project my answer would be no!
No doll can really teach you about taking care of a baby.
I'm not going to cover Lily with 100 blankets when she is crying.
Plus....real babies are much harder than fake screaming dolls.
But they are REAL, and there yours, and you love them more than anything!
7 more weeks until I get my real Baby Think it Over!
No turning back and I couldnt be more excited!

Friday, November 2, 2012

All in the Genes

Me and Lily
She definitly has my face!
Same nose and chin, but Bens lips!
I just cant wait to see this little girl and hold her!
I dont know how I can handle 8 more weeks.
Im getting restless!!!