Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Special Present


Blue Agate Mothers Love Cameo Pendant
Ben got me this pendant for Christmas
It is very special to me because I love Cameos
Its also special because its a mom holding her son(or daughter)
I know one day I will get to hold my own kids and that this
infertility journey will be over!

Short But Sweet!

Christmas with my family this year was so fun! It was short but sweet full of lots of laughs.
Highlights of the trips included:

1. Spending Christmas Eve day with the twins
(Aubrey and Aaron)
running around finding last minute presents
and taking a picture with santa
(I bet you guys know what I asked for Christmas from him;))

2. Playing games with the family Christmas Eve
eating yummy clam chowder

3. Aubrey having to sing a christmas song with crackers
in her mouth as punishment for losing ultimate bingo

4. Watching my mom run around the house in the snow
singing Christmas songs as her punishment for losing Toss Up

5. Ben being forced to have a makeover as his
punishment for losing Jenga

6. Watching A Christmas Carol in our Forever Lazy smurf outfits.

7. Christmas morning talking to Jesse in South Africa

8. Opening Presents

9. Watching Ben and Aaron run around shooting eachother
with their nurf guns they both got for Christmas.

10. Doing Nails w/ Aubrey and my mom

I wish we could have had more time but it was still lots of fun!

Me and Ben

Aarona nd his fake tatoo he got as a prize for winning a game

Ben getting a nice makeover

Christmas Eve Presents

The Smurf family

I just love my house

Oh and one more thing.....
On Monday Aubrey and I were having so much fun and didnt want the trip to end.
We were talking about maybe having her and Aaron fly out during the Sring time.
So we were busy thinking of ideas for the Spring when all of the sudden Aubrey mentioned
just coming w/ us back to Topeka since they dont have to be back to Utah for another week.
It was a brilliant idea. So we decided we would suprise the boys and not tell them until
we were on the road. Aubrey packed her and Aarons stuff and we snuck it in the car.
My parents were in on the idea and helped distract the boys while we got everything together.
Once packed we said our goodbyes to my parents, loaded in the car and headed towards the airport.
I waved at the house and said my goodbyes. Aaron waved at the house and said
"see ya in a few hours"
It was perfect timing to spill the beans.
"NO your not actually because your coming to Kansas"
At first he didnt believe us until we showed him the suitcase.
Both Aaron and Ben were so excited because they still has so many games and so many
shows to watch and Aaron was getting bored at the house so he was happy to go on a vacation.
Aubrey and I were proud of our sneakiness!
So Aaron and Aubrey are with us in Topeka right now and will leave after New Years.
I am so happy they got to come, even though I miss my mom and dad still.
All in all it was a great vacation and wonderful Christmas


Friday, December 23, 2011

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas are my eggs to not be shy and for Bens sperm to
 man up and take these girls on the ride of there lives!
If I cant have that then a baby doll will do!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Deck the Halls and Walls

I have had my house decorated for Christmas for a long time but have not put up any pics yet. We were originally going to stay in Topeka for Christmas but last minute we decided to go to Wyoming for the weekend and we leave tomorrow. I can hardly wait. I am sad to leave my cute Christmas tree though. Oh and my cute puppy! He has to stay behind. I am glad I have my own little house that I can decorate for holidays. Its exciting to get your own Christmas stuff. I cant wait to have little kiddos. Christmas seems so much fun with little ones. One day!;)

Our stalkings and cardboard chimney


Kitchen table

Rice got to open his Christmas presents early

I love my fur baby

Our Christmas tree. It has been very cozy!

Close up our button wedding chain that we used for a garland.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Me Vs Dad

Me and my dad had a duel and I WON
Our duel goes as followed....
My mom has been in Topeka visiting for a little over a week, which has made me very happy. Well I knew that she was going to leave today so last night I was preparing myself for our goodbyes. Now her car has been having troubles with dying adn we knew we had to jump start it in the morning. She then went on to say that she might just stay another day and make sure everything was ok with the car. I was more than happy to have her stay one more day. But she knew that my dad would be sad if she spent one more day, so she left it up to me to try and convince him that she needed to stay. So here is the following text conversation w/ my dad.
Me; daddy, how would you feel about your wonderful wife staying just ONE MORE DAY!
Dad; NOOOOOOOOOO....I need her home!
ME: But I want my mommy
Dad; You cant always get what you want
Me: But if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need....And I need my mommy!
Dad: I need my wifey
Me: You get her everyday.
Dad: I miss her
Me: (sent pic of me with a sad face)
Dad: (sent pic of himself with even sadder face.
(Mom was won over by dads sad face, agreed to not stay another day.)
Me: Fine win.

SO the rest of the night we had lots of fun doing our nails, listening to music and talking to Ben and stayed up way past my bedtime. It was a good night. This morning I got up before work to say my goodbyes and I get a text from my mom.
MOM; I have a horrible ear is calling me in some meds. You get me one more day.
My text to my dad
Dad: No response
Im excited to go home and cuddle w/ my mommy for one more night.

Celebrate Me Home

Im going home for Christmas and I am so excited! It has been a year and I finally get
to see some of my friends and spend time w/ my family in the house I grew up in.
Wish I could be there for more then a weekend...but it will have to do!
I was listening to the radio and this song came on and it made me giddy about coming home!
Here is the jist of it!

Home for the holidays,
I believe I've missed each and every face,
Come on and play my music,
Let's turn on every love light in the place

It's time I found myself,
Totally surrounded in your circles
Whoa, my friends

Please, celebrate me home,
Give me a number,
Please, celebrate me home
Play me one more song,
That I'll always remember,
And I can recall,
Whenever I find myself too all alone,
I can sing me home.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Bad Hairday!

I had a bad hair dye experiace on wednesday and it could not have come at a worst mom was coming the next day and I looked like someone who screams to loud music, sketches dirsturbing pics and pierces their nose!
Here is a pic to prove it!


So this is how this catastophy came to be. It all started Tuesday night when I decided I wanted to go w/ dark hair for winter. I have died my own hair so many times and it always turns out good. But this time I used a different brand and a little darker color then I usually do. (BAD MISTAKE) After I dried my hair I could instantly see that there were black streaks in my hair...I was not happy. So the next day after work I went to a salon to get it fixed. I specifically asked her to just make it one color and get rid of the black streaks. She was rude and told me it they were not black, just really really dark brown. (oh OK!) so anyways she told me she was dying it a brown....well she didnt...she died my whole head "really really really really dark brown"  IT WAS BLACK! I was so mad! I was in tears and they felt reallly bad so they didnt charge me. Well it was 8:00 at night so there was really nothing I could do. So I went home and literally had a panic attach. My mom was coming the next day and I had not seen her in 4 months. I yelled and screamed and went crazy. Poor Ben really couldnt do much to comfort me. I could not sleep at all and felt so aweful. So Thursday morning I go to work and of course all my co workers are like "hmm you dyed your hair, it looks ummmm nice!" What a bunch of LIARS! Why couldnt they have just said "what the heck did you do to yourself" It would have made me feel better. So after work I ran to Regis Hair Salon and begged them to fix me and like the good professionals they are, made me one happy girl!

Back to my good old happy self!
All thanks to Regis Hair Salon

I will never go to the first salon ever again. They were so unprofessional and made me feel aweful! I will always stick w/ the well known salons. Another lesson I learned, never go darker then the normal light brown hair dye that I usually use.