Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our First Visitors

      Jen and Jared came last weekend for a visit and it was lots of fun!
They like Rice
Adelyn liked putting my bows in our hair
Me and my Puppy
I love Adelyns Style!
I just love this kid
Adelyn and JR slept in our room and
it was fun to spend the early morning just chillin
JR Loved playing in the cage. We just locked him
up and he just thought it was the funnest thing.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our New Addition

MEET Captian Rice Romney(aka. RICE)
We have a new member of our family and he is oh so very precious!
On Sunday we went over to our friends house for dinner and we were playing all playing with there  dog and I looked at Ben and told him we needed a puppy. He laughed and said "OK Kalie, we will get you a puppy." Now Ben didnt mean right away. He was thinking sometime in the future hahaha....he should know me better then that. I dont have much patience and when I get an idea in my head I just jump right to it.  So yesterday I dragged Ben to the pet store and sure enough the minute I walked in my eyes went right to this little guy.  His little white curly hair and big brown eyes just made me melt. I was thinking I wanted a girl puppy but when I held him I knew he was the one I wanted....but patient "think it over" Ben wasnt so sure about taking him home. So much to my disapointment we went home empty handed. Well I felt like the spoiled brat from Willy Wonka and begged and pleaded and yelled(and sang the song ' I want it now' in a Brittish accent..... and begged some more to poor Ben all night! I was a rotten egg...but I knew that dog needed to be ours. Sooooo...this morning I got the OK from the man of the house and right after work I went and picked up our little puppy. Now I didnt even have a name for him and all day at work I was trying to come up with one but no such luck. So on our way home I told him I would find him a name. I looked on billboards and signs and nothing was catching my eye. I tried to think of the color white and different names that go with that but they all sounded to girly. Well then I got distracted and missed the turn onto my street so had to do a detour and I turned onto Rice Road. Ah it was like the name just fell into my lap. Ben was tickled at the name but added Caption to the begining(because that is just something Ben would do) but we call him Rice...and for the 4 hours we have had him we have fallen in love! He is sitting on my lap as I type watching the computer curiously with one little ear up. Anyway I am glad I got my way!;) :) ;)
Now I have to potty train. Wish me luck!