Monday, February 21, 2011

Little Miss Martha Stewart

My Oasis!
So for the past 2 1/2 weeks I have been busy with my painting project. I have always wanted to have painted walls but my mom was all for white. So when we got our townhouse that was one of the first things on my to do list. I got the samples and paint and pretty much just dove right in. This is my first time ever painting on something that is not paper and let me tell you it was lots of work. But Lots of fun! I wanted to accent walls becasue painting all the walls would have killed me! The only downer of this huge project of mine was that I work every day until 5 so by the time I got home the daylight was ending and it would be to dark  to paint. I only had Saturdays to work....well every weekend Ben and I ended up going to Missouri. So I had only one full Saturday(the first day I started) So after work while I still had some daylight I would get straight to buisness. Poor Ben had to come home to Paint fumes with no dinner waiting for him. Not so Martha Stewart of me!;) He was so pacient with the consistant mess my project brought on. But when all is said and done Im so glad I did it. It was very soothing. However, when we upgrade later on in life  and we have lots of walls to paint I think I will be hiring someone to do it for me(unless I have more hands to help me!) But I am very proud of my first paint job!


 (the walls are tan
not Yellow)
I have always wanted
green walls in my kitchen

Our new T.V stand
Look'n good after an 8 hr work day;)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Weekend

Had a great valentines weekend with lots of family and Fun
Friday- Went to Odessa and played with Adelyn and JR, event though they were both sick they were able to still have fun with us. Watched Modern Family with Jared, Jen, James and Nancy. (Favorite show ever!) Dont have any pics of the night. sad!;(
Saturday-Went to Columbia to see Julie, Jacob and baby Naomi(who is no longer a baby and is crawling. climbing laughing and just getting so fun! Despite the fact that she is a horrible sleeper, I still love her! Julie and I made a heart shaped Pizza for the boys and I think it turned out perfect. Julie was the skills behind it...I just helped by putting on the cheeze and pepporoni....I think I did an excellent job.
Sunday- Went to Marshall where we celebrated Zo's 2nd B-day party. What a funny kid. He thinks he can talk but he cant! haha. He tells Ben 'you funny' and 'mom' and 'dad' and 'mine' (he said MINE a lot on his b-day!) We had cake and presents and played with all the kiddies.


I love having family so close and Im so happy I have neices and nephews! They are such a joy to me! Had a great weekend and a great night tonight! Thanks mom for the package of goodies!
Hope everyone had a great Valentine Day! 
p.s. I love you Ben!:)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Our first Year

Well Ben and I have been married for a year and its been great! I literally dont know what I would do without him!Its funny because I still have a crush on him! I saw some pics of him in high school and I was like "hm I would definitly have been crushing on him back then" Even though I was 13 when he graduated high school!;) haha In the past year we have moved 3 times and each time its been amazing. We got to spend a few months in Idaho with all our college friends and then 6 precious months in Cheyenne. I loved living in Cheyenne because we were only 5 minutes away from my family! I was so happy to be able to see them whenever I wanted to. I also LOVED working with my dad! But Ben and I knew we would not be able to stay there for long. Ben just HAD to go to Law school and uproot me again. But I am so glad we are in Kansas now. Ben had applied to many different law shcools and we were thinking we would have to wait until next semptember. But then he heard about Washburn and how he could start in January. He loves the mid west(as do I ) and its only 45 minutes away from his homestate of missouri! SO he applied and was one of the 25 accepted in the Spring Start Program. We had to decide whether to forgo all the other schools and go to Washburn or pass up Washburn and see what other schools he was accepted to. We felt right about Washburn so packed up and moved 10 hours away. We love it here and I tell Ben everyday that I want to make this our perminate location! I love the trees and the rolling hills and the climate! NO WIND! haha(well sometimes there is wind but nothing like Wyoming!) But I honestly love Topeka so its pretty likely we will be here for a long time. But ya never know where the winds will blow you...I could end up in Oz! I am thankful for the year we have had and I have made some wonderful memories so far! There are lots of people I miss but there are lots of new people appearing in my life and Im so excited for our whole new adventure!         
                                                         HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR!

We got hitched Jan 30 2010

This was technically before we were married
but James and Taylor were our best friends
in College and we dated at the same time. They just
got married in December. We miss them!

I loved spending the summer with the boys! It
was so fun to see Ben bond with Aaron and Jesse

MALLORY! I love this girl!
Mallory and Jesse dated for a year. she became one of my
best friends and even more like a sister! I miss her!

Our townhouse in Topeka! My favorite place we
have lived in so far


                                                  I loved every minute spent with my fam! Miss them!
                                                                 My sister in Law is only 45 min away!;)
                                                         Even more Romneys only 30 min beyond KC!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

New at the world of blogging!

I have no idea how to do this. I need the guidence of my Sis'n laws! But I am going to do my best!
This is what I like to call my rough draft! Trying it out and then I will see how it looks and everything!