Friday, September 30, 2011

My "Healthy Diet"

So now that I am undergoing treatments and taking a ton of medicine (I feel like a lab rat)my Dr told me  I should cut back on the sugars and salts. Well thats like telling a pack-a-day smoker to limit themslelves to one smoke a day. I mean I am not a complete junky, I eat good dinners and occasionaly will eat an apple, but I do prefer a bag of hot cheetos over a bag of carrots. And I definitly prefer coke over water. I know this is a problem! So when we left the Dr office I swore that I would eat only healthy foods and excersise more. Well my doctors visit was 1 1/2 weeks ago and as of right now I am eating a Sausage Egg Muffin from McDonals and sipping on a coke. I really have no self discipline!
But in my defense I was sick all week and couldnt eat salty foods anyway because it hurt my throat, AND I had a water bottle that I refilled at least 30 times.  And last week I went and excersised(however I got sick right after so I totally blame that for bringing on my flu) I also ate a banana and it made me throw up! I just think my body doesnt like healthy things. LOL. I really am trying though. I eat salads and veggies and even though the isle of junk food at the store seduces me, I try my best to walk right on by! I also keep track in my head of the junk I eat during the day, so that I can balance it out w/ healthy things. So today because I just ate something full of calories and salt, for lunch I am going to eat something light and salt free(or at least way less salty) And this weekend we are going to Odessa and my mom in law always has healthy yummy dinners and snacks.

I know that in my pursuit to be mom I really do need to keep myself as healthy as I can so that I can give my baby the nutrients it needs. Plus when my kids are little I want to set a good example for them. Now dont get me wrong I will definitly be a mom that gives her kids yummy treats, but I want them to have a love for healthy foods as well. Maybe they will have a natural craving for them like Ben does and maybe, just maybe one day I will actually crave oranges over cheez-its.                                  

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Frenzy

It has been perfect fall weather the past few days and I kind of went a little crazy decorating.


Our pumpkin welcome sign and the wreath homemade by me.


My new pillows. I hate our blue couch because its so hard to match things
with it. (The couch itself is awesome because its so comfy and reclines)
But I think the pillows make the couch pop!


My Kitchen

Fall colors are just so pretty!

The view from the stairs and our marble table. 
I LOVE fall
I have some halloween stuff that I will put up in a few weeks.
Glad that there are several dollar stores here
so I dont spend a fortune on decorations!
Cant wait to decorate for Christmas!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Music and Memories

 So lately I have been so sick of the radio at work and in my car. You hear a new song and your like "yeah, this is a nice catchy tune, I think I like it." you are then excited to hear it come on a second time. However, by the 10th time your like "ok, enough of this song!!!! So I tried pandora at work, I would put James Taylor as the genre of music/singers thinking I would get a good mix of music that have a folk sound to it. I did get that, but only by 2 different artists. They repeat the same artist over and over, just different songs. And not even the popular songs from them. SO I gave up on pandora. I am now down to You Tube. YouTube is nice but you have to think of a song you want to hear and sometimes that is tricky. Now I could bring in my Ipod, but I am just as sick of that as I am the radio. I feel like I always listen to the same stuff on my ipod. So today I was going down memory lane through Youtube and thinking of music and songs that I love and the memories that instantly come to mind when I hear the tune.  Some songs and bands are specific to a certain event but others are memories of a certain age, not neccessarily an event. So hear is my list
1. House at Pooh Corner-Kenny Loggins
Memories: My mom singing this song to me while we rocked in the rocking chair when I am 4 years old in our blue house.

2. No More I Love You's- Annie Lennox
Memories: Playing outside our old blue house in the summer listening to this song

3. Spice up Your Life- Spice Girls
Memories: Ashley Leider(best friend in 1st and 2nd grade) We did many dances to Spice Girls and when we went on a trip to Utah together with my family, we listened to the cd the whole drive there.

4. Someday(and all other songs of Sugar Ray)
Memories: 4th grade going to Mexico for Spring Break with the family. Sugar Ray was really popular Spring of 2000.

5. Enya
5th Grade.

6. John Mayer
Fall of 8th grade when I was 13 years old. That was the fall where I felt like I was coming to age and growing up. So whenever I hear John Mayer I think of me at 13.

7. Summertime- Mungo Jerry
Memories- My mom picking us up from school on the last day before summer break. We would blast the song as loud as we could.

8. Thank You-Dido
memory: 8th grade. Right after I didnt make cheerleading I was really sad, but then things started turning around and I was happy again. Then this song played on the radio and I finally felt like I was out of my 8th grade funk.(so glad I did not try out for cheerleading again, I would have missed out on so much)

9. Fleetwood Mac
Memory: 9th grade driving to school with Aaron. We listened to them every morning. 9th grade was one of my favorite years in school and Fleetwood Mac was my favorite band at that time. I was obsessed!

10. Waiting in Vain-Annie Lennox
Memory: 11th grade and wanting a boyfriend. hahaha. I never did get one. Oh well

11.  Best Days- Matt White
Memory: Summer before I left for College

12. The ping pong Song- Enrique Inglesias
memory: first semester of College w/ my roomates

13. Vetiver(all of there songs)
memory: Study abroad in London and all my friends.

14. Amber-311
Memories: Summer of 09 romancing with Ben and hanging out w/ our friends Taylor and James.

15. Anticipation- Carly Simon
memory- Wanting to marry Ben.

16. Chasing Pirates-Norah Jones

17. Stole My Heart-Ashley Little
Memory-My first apartment with Ben when we still lived in Idaho

18. Bullet Proof- La Rue
Summer in Cheyenne with Ben

19. Cant Take It In-Imogean Heap
memory-moving to Kansas.

20. Not over you-Galvin Degra
So far this is my favorite song on the radio...but Im sure that in a month it will be my least favorite because it plays to much,. But I like it right now.

Now I have a few bands that go with the same memory that I just can not seperate.

Road Trips with Aunt Barb and My mom.
Every fall my mom would let us kids miss a few days of school and we would meet up with my Aunt Barb and her kids for our anual road trip. This tradition started when I was 5 years old and didnt end until I was 14. Our road trips were always so fun and my mom and aunt always played the best music.
1. Supertramp
2. Tears for Fears
3. Poco
4. Crosby Seals and Nash
5. Pure Prairie Leage
6. Rod Stewart
7. Styx
8. ELO
9. Carly Simon
10. James Taylor
These bands will always remind me of those years of our crazy adventures with my cousins.
Now the Artist that will probably forever remain my favorite is James Taylor. I love to sing to him and I always think about my family, especially my mom. I cant wait until I have kids so I can sing to them and rock them just like my mom did and we can create new memories.
Yay for Music and Memories!