Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Year in the Life of Lily

I know that Lily is now almost 13 months and I have been behind on my blog, 
but lets just pretend she just turned a year...which she technically did. :)

I cant believe Lily is already one year old. She is the funniest little thing ever!
She makes Ben and I so very happy and we love her little personality which is now really starting to show.
So in honor of Lily turning a year, here are some highlights.

Lily's first smile was at 5 weeks
Her first laugh was at 3 months
She could roll over at 4 months
Started sitting up on her own at 6 months
Crawled at 7
Started standing up on furniture at 8 months
Started walking at 11 months.
Now she runs!:)

Her first word was mama 
2nd word was Dadda
3rd word was Aubrey
She can also say Uh Oh (which is her favorite) dog, yeah, no, thank you (which sounds like dink yu)
and has said Love you only twice...still working on it. 
She can mimic what we are saying so she says a lot but doesnt ever repeat it. 
When we tell her to dance she immediately starts bouncing up and down. 
Its pretty hilarious because we will just be in the middle of a conversation and then we 
"dance" and she will drop whatever she is doing and start bouncing. 
Its like Palvovs dog! 

Lily can also wave hello and goodbye and claps.
She is also in a biting and throwing stage so I am trying to be more of a disciplinarian. 
I have been saying NO to her a lot lately. LOL
She usually laughs though at me because I dont think she takes me seriously. 
I'm in trouble!

Lily is also quite the little traveler.
She has been to Utah twice, Wyoming/Colorado four times,
(missouri to many times to count) and Florida once.
I love my traveling buddy!

I have loved absolutely every stage of Lily and each time she gets older I say
"ah I am really going to miss this stage" 
But then I always love the new fun things she does. 
I feel so blessed to be Lilys mom and this past year has been amazing!
I cant wait to see what kind of girl Lily turns into. 
She is my best best best friend and I love her so much!
I'm glad she is mine!

Now for the picture shrine! 
Bringing her home from the hospital


We love you Lily Anne!

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Grinch that Stole Christmas

And by the grinch I mean
During the whole week of Christmas every single person in my family had the stomach flu.
It was terrible. 
Lily started throwing up on Monday the 23rd and by Christmas Eve Aaron Aubrey and my mom 
started the nasty cycle. So by Christmas morning nobody was really feeling the Christmas spirit.
My expectations for Lily's first Christmas was totally shattered. No body even got out of bed.
I mean I couldnt blame them and I wasnt mad at anyone, just disappointed at the whole situation.
The next day people were starting to feel a little better so we did end up opening presents and that 
was a nice morning. However Lily was still feeling under the weather and was fussy the whole time. 
Then the day after Christmas Ben and Jesse got sick. 
And then the minute the stomach flu ended the other flu happened. Everyone got a really bad cold.
So yeah, health wise it wasnt so good.
  However before everyone got sick we actually had fun. 
Ben and I drove to Cheynne the Wed before Christmas and we had at least 4 good days before the sickness came. We went to a few movies and one night we did Ginger Bread houses which was really fun. We also celebrated Bens graduation and went out to dinner one of the nights. 
So it wasnt all bad, just not what I expected.
But thats life!
Anyway...cant have a post without pictures!!!

Maybe next y