Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone had a great halloween. This was my first halloween ever where I got to pass out candy. I grew up in a spread out neighborhood so we never got trick or treaters but this year we are in a neighborhood w/ children so I got prepared. I had my candy, my costume and of course Rice's costume. I didnt make Ben dress up because he already did last week when we went to the Law School party. But me and Rice sure looked super cute and I think Rice stole the show. I dont think the kids even cared about the candy, they just wanted to pet Rice. We had a fun last week w/ my cousin Abby and did some halloween things which were lots of fun including a pumpkin patch, watching hocus pocus and the Adams family and going to the law school party. But it was also very busy. We did our first IUI which caused me to miss 3 days of work(not really complaining) Now I am just playing the waiting game and trying to find ways to get distracted so I wont focus on the WHAT IFs. Halloween was a perfect distraction!

JRC party

Zombie Ben

Me and Abby at the pumpkin patch

Saturday night we went w/ Jen and Jared
to the haunted house in Kansas City and I
dont know what was scarier, being in the
old part of Kansas city that looks like zombies
live there even when its not halloween,
or the actual house.
The Zombie in picture got me good!

Me and Janelle at work
I got to play the Angel this time

NO one is a cuter devil then Rice!

This was Rice's first Halloween and he was so excited!
He would run to the door and look out for the kiddies.
When they came to the door he would look at me like
"what do I do now mom!" haha.

October sure went by really really fast, it was a good month though! Hope next month is just as good!

Sorry no pictures of the IUI.  I dont think any of you want to see that!;)

Friday, October 21, 2011

My Favorite Brown Eyed Beauty

My cute, amazing cousin Abby is in town visiting Ben and I for the week. We have planned this for several months and it has been so fun! This blog post is deticated to her because I just love her so much!!!!
 So my story goes way back before this beauty was  born. My mom and my Aunt Barb both married into the Luddington family and were best friends. They did everything together and they knew they would have kids at the same time and raise them to be close. Sure enough they had kids one after another. My brother came first, 6 months later came Ashely then a year later came me, 10  months later came Stephan, and one year after that came Jesse. We were known by all the other family members as the Evil Five. Which we were!
Well I was always the outcast. Aaron was besties w/ Stephan and Jesse was besties w/ Ashley and I was the picked on one. My mom and Aunt went on trips w/ us all the time and I would find myself crying because the other kids were so mean to me! When I was 4 they pushed me down the stairs...seriously they were horrible!
Now my mom always knew she was done w/ kids after Jesse was born, but one night when Jesse was just a little thing she had a dream about a little baby girl who had big brown eyes and curly black hair. She was holding her and it was almost like she knew it wasnt her daughter but still had this amazing bond. She wrote about the dream in her journal. Well a few months later my Aunt Barb told her she knew she could not have anymore biological children and was thinking about adoption. My mom instantly said INDIA. So a few years went by and when I was 7 years old Abby came into our family.  She had big brown eyes and curly hair.
I just loved her so much and from that moment on trips were no longer unbarable. Two years later they adopted Ashton and he is such a funny kid.  Even though we lived in 2 different states growing up we still saw eachother all the time. Thanksgiving we would go to Utah and for Christmas they would come to Wyoming. We always went on trips together over our Spring Breaks and spent most of our summers playing in our grandparents pool. Our moms did raise us to be very close, they practicly raised us together!
Abby is now 14 and one of my best friends ever! She will always be more like a sister to me!  


                                                    Abby and her Telitubby(Im holding her)

Stephan, Aaron, Jesse , me, Ashley and Abby

Mexico 2003 and Devils Tower 2008

She sure grew up pretty darn fast!

She was my maid of honor

She really is only 14, Im not fooling you. She just looks 18!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Im a Druggy!

As some of you know Ben and I are getting ready to do our first IUI. With this first IUI comes many many meds! There are to many to keep track of so I had to go get one of those Mon through Sun pill boxes that old people have. Along with pill popping I feel like I have to go get my blood drawn at least once a week. Why, do you ask...for more testing of corse! Its always "we need to have you get your blood drawn to test this hormone level and that hormone level...
Im starting to get a scar on my arm from all the needles. Well anyway on Thursday I go into the clinic at 7:00 in the morning and have an HSG which is where they check to see if my tubes are blocked by any cysts(praying none are found) They will then do another ultrasound and see if the heavy medication has helped me develop follicles(which holds the eggs) IF they are big enough I get to give myself a nice little injection in the belly which will release the egg. I already have the prefilled capsole and needle sitting in my fridge. Oh joy! But if they are not big enough we have to start a whole new cycle and do more injections(once again praying this will not be the case) There is so much I have to do to get me pregnant.  I definitly will not be able to do it the old fashioned way. But thats over rated! LOL
So here is my list of medications. Half of them I dont know how relate to infertility but I trust my Dr.
1. Pre Natal Vitamins(getting prepared)
2. Metformin-Huge nasty pills that I have to take 3 times a day.
3. Levothyroxine-something to do w/ thyroid
4. Dexamethasone-No idea what it does but gotta listen to the Dr.
5. V-Pack-something Ben has to take as well. (he has it way better off then me!)
So thats 7 pills a day. Plus my fun little least thats only once.
 Despite the fact that everyday I have to chug down these meds that taste discusting and make me want to gag, I am so thankful for modern science and medicine! Without them I would be like Sarah and not have a baby until Im 100! And even then I probably wouldnt be able to...Im not as good as her!;););)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Major Distraction at Work

I have a major distraction at work!
No its not the internet(though sometimes that really does get me)
Its not my radio
and its not my doctor calling me once a day
Its a girl named...

Janelle started working at VZZ with me back in April.
I was having a really hard time at work and she was an answer to my prayers.
I was in charge of teaching her the tasks of the front desk and I was kind of nervous
because I had no idea what she was like and if we were going to get along.
(I had already had some problems w/ some of the girls)

Well on her first day we instantly got along and started laughing with eachother.
And not just any kind of laughing, the laughing that leads to tears in your eyes!
Those 2 weeks training her were so fun. We got to sit with eachother and I dont know
how she actually learned anything because when I look back all I remember was laughing w/ her!
Well sadly we knew the blissfull 2 weeks had to end because we were both going to be
account managers and have our own cubicles which were not by eachother
But we knew that distance would make the heart grow stronger! LOL
Sure enough its been several months and work has been so much fun! I love my job
and it  helps to have good co workers and some really good friends.
Janelle and I are always having quick little visits in eachothers cubicles
and we go accross the street for our daily fix of soda.
She has become one of my best friends here in Topeka and its so fun
going on Red Robin dates with her and catching a good chick flick.

Thanks Janelle for getting hired!!!!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Lazy, wonderful weekend w/ the Romneys

This past weekend was General Conference and we spent it with the Romneys. Well some of the Romneys. Jacob and Julie and Celeste and Miles were all there. Jen and Jared could not come.We had fun relaxing and playing w/ the kiddies and watching conference. (I tried to stay awake during most of it, I REALLY REALLY did try!) Saturday night the boys went to Priesthood and us girls went to Panera. It was very nice to chit chat with Julie and Celeste. It was such  beautiful weather so in between sessions we would go outside and play with Rice and the kids. The kiddies are just SO CUTE and so fun to play with. They are getting so big and dont even seem like babies anymore.  I cant wait for these next two to come. Julie is due in December and Rachel is due in March(I think) Its so fun to have family close and I am very thankful for that!

Playing Catch with Zo

Me and Naomi

Helping Grandaddy in the garden

I think Zo pushed her down.
haha look at his little grin!
(for the most part they play very well together)

Rice is always a big hit with the kids!

He cries everytime Rice comes near him.
He has his sword to protect him.

Playing around outside.

Im really sad I didnt get a picture of the girls when we went out to Panera
We looked really cute! Oh time!