Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4 Months

Sunday Lily turned 4 months old and is just a jewel baby!
She is my best little bud and I love having her by my side 24/7
Her little personality is really coming through. She is always cheery and
very alert. Her eyes move all over the place wanting to look at everything.
Her smile is to die for!
I could literally give her a million kisses.
I have never felt so much love in my life.
Ben is the cutest dad and she gives him the most smiles. He is a pro at making funny faces.
She thinks he is the coolest person ever and when he gets home after a long day,
she just looks at him like "hey I remember you, your awesome!"
I can totally see her being a little daddies girl!
She is still an awesome sleeper. Naps are somewhat a problem but that's because
either Rice or I accidently wake her up. Its getting better. But she still sleeps 10-11 hours at night.
ITs amazing because we just sleep in together and then just lounge on the bed for another
half hour. We are very lazy in the mornings. She is a night owl just like her mommy!
She is now a roller and never lays still anymore. If I put her on her back she rolls right to her belly.
I am betting she will be an early crawler and walker. She is already trying to scoot while on her belly.
As of tonight I am going to start giving her some Oatmeal Cereal.
She eyes our food all the time, so I think she is ready.
I'm so excited that its warm out now. Its so fun to go outside with her
and lay in the grass or go on walks. I cant wait for when I can take her to the pool.
I loved her at 3 months and Im thinking 4 months is going to be just as much fun, maybe even more.
Its weird to me that now she is closer to 6 months than a newborn.
I cant believe she is getting so big.
Here are some pics I took on Sunday

Love this girl!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shout Out to My Sistas!

Growing up I always wanted a sister.
As much as I loved my brothers, I just felt like I could have really bonded with a sister.
Now maybe I was lucky because she probably would have been prettier than me, and
smarter and actually made the cheer team when I didnt!!!:) But still, I was jealous
of my friends who were so close to there sisters.
Well now I have plenty of amazing sisters!
Marrying into the Romney family gave me 8 sister in laws and we have
become very close.
Mary was the first one I met and got to know.
I drove her to her first semester at BYU-Idaho with Ben.
We hung out several times during that semester and then I married Ben.
When we moved to Kansas, Celeste, Jen and Julie all lived in Missouri so we got to see them a lot
and it was always fun to be with them. (still is)
Rachel moved to Missouri 1 1/2 years ago so I have gotten to know her a lot more and she is so fun.
I feel like Sarah and I have gotten closer over this past year. She came to my shower in Utah and I got to see her during Lilys blessing and she was actually the first person I told that I was pregnant, besides my mom and Ben.
I hardly get to see Rebekah because she lives in DC, but Jen and Jared are moving to Virginia and I
am planning on going out and seeing them sometime this year and would love to go see Rebekah in DC. (you can take me to all the awesome places!)
I love having a big family with lots of girls to talk with, and complain about our husbands!!! JK!

Bottom row L to R
Julie, Sarah, Me, Mary, Jen
Top row L to R
Celeste, Rachel, Nancy(mother in law) Rebekah

Celeste and I share the same birthday, just 6 years apart.
Jens is a few days before.

Us and our baby girls
Now onto my side of the family.
My brother Aaron married Aubrey in August of 2011.
She is so fun and just perfect for my brother.
I have developed a very close relationship with her. She is truly one of my best friends.
We plan on going on many road trips together with our kiddies.
She is an excellent party thrower and she always has an agenda just like me.
We always like to plan things to do and my mom calls us Agenda A and Agenda K!
I cant wait for her to have kiddies so I can have my first neice/nephew on the Luddington
side of the family!
We Love Aaron

 Beautiful Bride!

And of course I cant forget about the lovely Abby Luddington!
Abby and I go back as far as 1997 when my aunt adopted her from India.
She was my best little friend despite our age difference.
Her and I act like twins and are way more like sisters than cousins. We are so similar
that it is scary at times. We think the same, like the same things and talk the same.
We are both pretty ditsy and tend to say stupid things that get us in situations where we get made fun of. But we always enjoy the teasing. I am so thankful that she saved me from being left out
by the rest of our siblings when we were growing up.
She has always been my favorite companion!

Lovely Aunties
Even though I have no biological sisters, I feel like that void has been filed by
all these wonderful girls and I am so thankful for them all!

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Birthday Memory

I have had some pretty awesome birthdays in my past,
but one of my favorites to date was my 19th birthday in London.
I had awesome friends on my study abroad and they made my 19th birthday so special.
So everyone knows that me and coke are best friends. I crave a cold coke daily!
Nothing makes me more happy then a cold coke in my hand.
I also love cheesecake!
In London there was this store that had the best cheesecake EVER!
So the night before my birthday I brought my mattress over to my friends side of our
room so that we could have a sleepover.
Right as I was drifting off to dreamland my friends starting jumping on me yelling
It was 12 in the morning and they handed me a coke with a clue on it. They were
sending me on a scavenger hunt. Each coke that I found had a new clue.
It was so fun going around the whole center in the middle of the night finding cokes!
THey even made me go all the way to the professors side of the building right by there bedrooms
to get a coke.
The last clue led me to the kitchen where there was a cheesecake waiting for me.
My friends sang me happy birthday and we ate cheesecake in the wee hours of the morning.
The next day we went out to lunch to celebrate.
IT was such a simple birthday yet one of the best.
I will always treasure my coke scavenger hunt with my London girls by my side!!!:)

(Count how many times I used the word coke in this post!) LOL


On April 10 we celebrated IVF Day.
It was exactly one year ago since we transferred our embryos.
The whole IVF process was very exciting but the day of the transfer I was so sick.
My mom was with me because Ben had school and couldn't miss.
We had spent the previous night in Kansas City so that we didnt have to drive far in the morning.
When I woke up I was feeling so sick. My stomach hurt so bad and I felt like
I was going to throw up.
We got to the clinic and I was anxious to see how many embryos we had to work with.
The doctor explained that we had 5 and that we were going to transfer the 2 that had made the
most progress. I was so excited that we had 5. As he was explaining this to me
my stomach just couldn't handle it anymore and I threw up all over his office.
The poor guy was just sitting there with puke all over his floor.
The nurses came in with some water and one cracker, even though I wasn't supposed to eat anything.
They were so nice to me.
He told me that it would probably be ok if we transferred them the next day
but I didn't want to take my chances and told him I wanted to do it today.
So they got me ready, took me to the back room, showed me the embryos on the computer
and within 1 minute they were inside of me.
IT was the easiest thing ever.
My mom and I then went to a motel where I was on strict bed rest.
I slept for hours and then watched movies with my mom all night.
I was actually very relaxed and wasn't worried about whether this had worked or not.
The next day was my birthday and I got a phone call from my Dr telling me that the other
3 embryos had made it to freeze. I was so excited.
We drove back to Topeka where I continued to be on bed rest.
The following 5 days were somewhat relaxing but I was still anxious about whether or not I
was pregnant.
But we all know how that turned out!
I am so thankful for Lily. She is such a blessing in our lives and she is my best little friend.
Thank goodness for the power of prayer...and a little bit of science!:)

Monday, April 8, 2013

If I Could Keep You Little

Its one in the morning and Lily is sound asleep in her crib next to me, all cozied
up with her blanket off in dreamland. She is so little yet seems so big.
I'm loving this stage Lily is in. She is still so cuddly and smiley and just
a joy to be around. She just started laughing and is always happy.
Just this past week I noticed how big she is actually getting. In a way it makes me sad
because I know how fast time goes by and I just want to hold onto these special baby moments.
I just have to remind myself that I will love every stage Lily is in and that she
will always be my baby.
I just ordered this book that I think describes how most mothers feel. Here is the ending line of the children's book If I Could Keep You Little 
by Marianne Richmond
If I could keep you little
I'd hold you close to me
But then I'd miss you growing
into who your meant to be


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lilys Blessing Day

I have been MIA from blogging because I was in Utah for 2 weeks visiting family.
We had so much fun with all of them.
We blessed Lily on March 17, which was also St Patricks Day
We blessed her at my grandpas house and all my family gathered there.
We had lunch and yummy treats and it was very low key and relaxing.
It  was a great day.
It was so nice to have Lily meet all my aunts and uncles and cousins.
She was passed around like a little rag doll and didn't make one fuss about it.
Here are some pictures from the day.

My Grandparents and parents
The yummy food.
Aubrey made rainbow jello for St Patricks day
Uncle Aaron and Aunt Aubrey!
Blake, Sarah and Baby Elizabeth came and it was really nice to have some of
Bens family there. We were so happy they came.
My mom and Elizabeth
Lily crashed

My perfect family!