Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Baby Shower

My sister in law threw me a baby shower in Salt Lake and it 
was a perfect day! 
My family in Utah came out to celebrate and it was fun seeing them all!
Lily definitely got spoiled!

The food

                                                                   Aubrey made Lily a quilt

                                        My mom made the yellow knitted outfit for Lily and Aubrey's mom
                                     made the diaper holder out of the same material we used for the crib.
                                                          The Halloween outfit is for next year!

                                                                       Me and Aubrey
                                                                    My wonderful mommy!
                                                                      The gifts!

                                 We are missing two of my cousins who came after the picture was taken.
                                         I was so happy with the turn out and it was a wonderful shower!
                                                          Thank you everyone who came!


Monday, September 24, 2012

The Door Theory

So everyone has heard the theory
"When one door closes, another door opens"
Well I was thinking about this today as I was feeling
Lily moving around in my belly.
There have been several times in my life
where I felt a door was slammed in my face. But somehow another door
always seemed to open.
Some experiences were harder than others, mainly infertility,
but through each trial, whether small or big, something
good always seemed to come out of it.
When I was going into my Jr year of High School I auditioned
for our Jazz choir. I loved singing and my brother
was in it and I was really hopeful of making it.
I had been in choir for years and I had this illusion
of being in that paticular choir.
Well I ended up not making it and all my friends did.
It crushed me.
I was jealous of my brother
because he seemed to always get everything that I wanted.
I knew that I would be jealous everytime my friends walked
to 5th period which is when Jazz choir met.
I had made the Concert Choir which I was happy about,
but I was still sad that I was the only one out of my 4 best friends
that did not make Centralheirs.
To me this was a trial, even though I knew it was
not a major one. But I still felt like a door had been closed.
So I decided that I would do the high school pre school which
was only offered to Juniors.
It would be 3 times a week during my 3rd period.
I was excited to teach little kids.
 One of my classmates in the pre school worked at
a daycare and she told me they were looking to hire someone.
I jumped at the opportunity and was hired to work
in the todler room.
I worked every day after school at the day care until
I graduated. It was the best job I could have had and I
loved it so much.
I would have never known about this job
if I had not been in the pre school and I would
have not been in the pre school if I had made
the Jazz Choir.
I ended up making Centralheirs my Senior year......
and loved every minute of it!
My next experience was when I got accepted into BYU-Idaho.
BYU-Idaho is different than most colleges because
they have 3 different tracks. YOu either have fall/winter,
winter/spring or Summer/fall. When you apply you
can put which track you want but its not a garentee that you
will get that one. Of course I put down that
I wanted fall/winter because that was normal for
most colleges. I ended up getting Summer/Fall track.
So that means I would have all of winter off of school.
I was upset because I didnt want to just go to one
semester of school and then have to go home until the following Spring
when school would start again.
I was totally discouraged and didnt know what to do.
I had always planned on going on a study abroad so I
thought that maybe that winter semester that I had off I would
go on the study abroad to London.
I looked up and sure enough they had one that semester.
I instantly applied to go.
I had to wait several months and had some interviews before
I was officially accepted into the program.
My study abroad was one of the most wonderful things I have
ever done.
It also ended up being that Ben and I had the same track at school and we met that summer after my study abroad.
The previous year I was so desperate to be on the
"normal" track and be home in the summer w/ the rest of my
friends. If that had been the case I would have not gone on
my study abroad or met my future husband.

Now onto infertility.
When I knew it would be hard for me to get
pregnant my world seemed to shatter.
I felt totally out of control of everything.
I didnt know what the future held and it made my anxiety
very high.
Even though I would look back at my previous experiences of
disapointment turning into blessings, it was
still hard for me to not be
disscouraged when I could not get pregnant.
 It seemed so easy for everyone else.
Now that I am pregnant I look back at these
last 2 1/2 years with Ben and I realized
that even though I struggled a lot of the time
with infertility, we had a great time and I think
our marriage was strengthened by it.
If we had gotten pregnant right when we started
trying, I would have never worked at the law firm
where I met one of my best friends. I learned so much working
there and I would not have had that job if I already had a baby.  
I know that I will have many  trials throughout my life and
I'm sure they will not always be easy and you cant
always see the bright light at the end of the tunnel. But
I know that Heavenly Father sees the whole picture and will
never let us fall without picking us back up!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Lily's Nursery

All the painting, crafting and building
paid off and Lily's room is just what I pictured it to be!
I just love the colors
I think this is my favorite part of the room
                                     I added detail to the lamp, the  yellow ribbon and buttons were my doing
                                                      and I had to add some calla lilies just for fun!

I love the air balloons

Nursery Items and where they came from
Crib: Burlington coat factory
Changing Table: Burlington
Dresser: Babies R US
Rocking Chair: Babies R US
Bedding: The amazing Aubrey Luddington
Curtains: The amazing Andrea Luddington
Books: Goodwill (yes I got my childrens books at a thrift store)
They were only 50 cents and there are some really nice ones.
Maybe I will wipe them down w/ wipes...mabye not.
Lamp: Hobby Lobby w/ added detail from me:)
Hot air balloon picture: One of my projects.
Its 3d made out of scrapbook paper, frame from Hobby Lobby.
Letters: Babies R US
Pink Rug: Target
Air Balloon Mobile: The marble factory in Kansas City
I cant beleive Lily's room is done. I just keep walking in there
picturing her screaming in the crib!
I am almost jealous that its not my room!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Ben and I often talk about how much we loved BYU-Idaho.
It truley is an awesome school.
To all you BYU fans, BYU might be the main
 school, but BYU Idaho is like the cool relaxed younger sister.
Might not be as pretty or as popular but sure knows how to have
a fun time!:)
I loved every semester I was there.
The people are awesome,  the campus is great and there
are lots of fun things to do.
Rexburg is a small town, and yeah you cant wear flip flops on campus,
 but if you only look at the negative, of course
your not going to have fun ANYWHERE!
I never once had a bad time there!
(well except for when a stupid boy dumped me, but that just
led the door open for Ben!:)
 Picture Time!

These are underground caves that we went to a lot.
They are so awesome.
Some have ice in them in the winter and its like an icerink underground.
They are a perfect outing to do on a date!
Yellowstone and the Teton mountains were only
an hour away from Rexburg and it was so fun
getting w/ friends and spending the day exploring.
(the top picture were our group of friends that we pretty much did
everything with. The girls were my roomates for 2 semesters.
Every couple married eachother!)
This waterfall was something out of movie.
It is so pretty and you feel like you walked into a magic land with fairies!
The sand dunes were only 10 minutes out of Rexburg.
In the summer there were bon fire parties every weekend.
In the winter the sand dunes were covered in snow.
So instead of bonfires, we had sledding!
Going to Ihop was always fun!
My favorite thing about BYU-I was of course BEN!
We had a blast!
Im rooting for Lily to go here!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Baby Shower

Next Wednesday I am going to Utah for a week to visit family
and to have my first Baby Shower.
I'm so excited.
My sister in law Aubrey is throwing it w/ my mom.
This is what the invite looks like and I think it is so cute!
Couldnt get a good pic of the invite...but you get the idea.
There is more to it but it has addresses on it so I didnt want to post.
My sis in law is amazing.
I cant wait!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Heartburn, lack of sleep ,dog poop and ticket on windsheild...;0

Ok Im just going in order from above.
 For the most part this pregnancy has been smooth sailing! I only had headaches
the first trimester and second trimester has been pretty much AWESOME!
But a few nights ago I started to experiance heartburn.
I felt like my chest was on fire!
It just came out of nowhere.
And now it doesnt go away.
I just got some tumbs so maybe that will help
I guess its not that big of a problem...but I still wanted to rant about it!
This also started a few nights ago.
I always wake up in the middle of the night and have since
I started college, but I always go back to sleep.
Well not these past few nights.
I wake up and my brain gets so busy on random thoughts.
And I really mean random!
1. What I am going to be for Halloween
2. What outfit is Lily going to wear when we pick
 up my brother from the airport next summer after his mission
3. Photo shoots of all the Romney grandkids
4. Photo shoots of me and Ben and Lily
5. Lilys nursery
6. Money
7 Lack of money
8. What I want to buy but cant cuz were poor
9. What I should not have bought because were poor!
10....well ya get the idea!
 So I literally cannot get my brain to SHUT UP!!!!!!!!
I try. I listen to my ipod, but images just keep coming into my head.
So I lay in bed for literally 2 hours tossing and turning trying to get some sleep.
Then I finally get back to bed only to wake up 30 minutes later to Bens alarm clock.
So usually I "take a nap" at 10 in the morning and sleep til 12!
My brain used to do this when I was in high school.
I couldnt ever shut it off at night so I just delt w/ it.
I am actually a pro at doing things tired! So i think I will ajust well to motherhood!
I think Rice ate something that upset his stomach because yesterday
he pooped around the house like 10 times.
It just kept coming out.
He would go outside to do his buisness but the minute he came in the kitchen
another one would imidiatly follow.
It was gross.
I sware even though I cleaned it up, my house still smells like dog turd!
Today Ben went to school and when he came home
I could tell something had happened because of the look on his face.
He showed me the dreadful yellow ticket.
Our car tags were expired and we got a $75 fine.
We are a 1 person car family right now so I feel stranded because we
cant take the car anywhere until we get new tags.
Our malibu is registered under my dad so he is the one
who has to send us the car tags.
So I was freaking out!
I called him at work and he swore he had already registered the car.
So I was looking franticaly through our old mail to see if he sent the registration to
us but couldnt find it anywhere.
So at his lunch he went and checked it out.
He realized he had not registered the car in a whole year!
We had been driving with expired tags for a year!!!
He had registered our jeep and I guess Ben and I didnt realize that
the malibu didnt have new tags.
I hate car stuff. But now everything is taken care of and I feel like
a burden has been lifted. Exept we are still stranded until my dad
sends us the tags.
(the police took the old ones off and I dont want to get another ticket)
My dad said he would pay for the ticket so that is also a relief.
I guess we will just watch TV tomorrow and not go to church on Sunday!
Im ok with that! LOL!
Ok Im done now!
P.S. Life is still wonderful!:)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vintage Baby

My mom has been collecting little dresses and outfits from Antique Stores for years.
She has lots of cute little boy and girl baby clothes from the 40s 50s and 60s and even
some from earlier decades.
She also has collected little shoes and bonnets/hats.
They are very well kept and the cutest things ever!
Before I knew I was having a girl we went through all of the dresses
and they are so pretty. I was pretty convinced at the time that my baby
was going to be a boy so I tried to tell myslef that the little boy overalls
were cuter than the dresses.
(But come on, dresses trump boy clothes! Even though I really want a boy someday!)
So my mom has been so excited about having a grandaughter and she
has been busy getting all the cute clothes organized so we can have many photo shoots w/ Lily
in these vintage clothes!
This dress is from the 1940s
Its going to be Lily's blessing day dress
Bonnets and Booties
The dresses
And last but not least, these are actually
my little baby shoes! Im so glad my mom kept them.
I just cant wait for this little girl!!!!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

24 Weeks

24 Weeks
16 to go!
Life is good!