Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Easiest Baby On The Block

I hate to brag(ok I dont mind it so much)
but I think I have the easiest baby in the world!
She is sugar and spice and everything nice.
I dont know if the doctors just added special ingrediants to her petri dish,
or she was just born a happy baby. Maybe both!!!
Here is a list of why I think my baby is superior to all other babies!
(Dont judge because I know all you moms out there think your babies are superior to
all other babies too!):)
but is a list of why my baby is AWESOME!
1. She sleeps through the entire night, and I'm not talking just the typical 7 hours.
She can sometimes sleep a solid 12 hours. I had to ask my mom if she thinks its ok to let her
sleep that long, of course my lazy mom said it was totally fine...maybe I should get a second opinion!!! LOL
2. She has never had a problem breastfeeding. My milk supply is still
pretty awesome! She still gets showered with milk everyday, but now she just smiles when it happens. I guess she thinks its pretty funny, as do I!
3.She is always so content. She can sit in her swing, carseat and bouncer forever.
I can take her with me everywhere and she never puts up a fuss.
I take her to go shopping, to lunch and to movies. She has seen 6 movies in her 
2 months of exsistance. She loves them!
4. She hardly ever cries. When she does its only for food, or a diaper change, or she
feels like she is being ignored.  
So the longest she cries just depends on how fast I get to her.
So usually only like 3-5 minutes.
5. She is strong. She can stand up really good and does all the work herself.
6. She is happy all the time and has the cutest little smile!
7. She loves to cuddle. I could just hold her warm little body all the time.
8. She is beautiful!
Now I know she is still a baby and some of these things on the list could change
as she gets older. Maybe she will be a terrible todler, or a bratty 6 year old...
but as of right now she is my happy perfect little darling!
So now onto pictures so I can brag about how cute she is!!!:);):)
Cute little smurk

Just Chillin

Standing Strong
Sleeping in her swing
I love this little girl so much!!!
I feel so blessed to be her mommy.