Thursday, June 28, 2012

Home Doppler

I just fell in love with home dopplers!
My friend Meg let me borrow hers because she is
far enough along in her pregnancy where she can feel
the baby move constantly.
It has been 3 weeks since I heard my baby's heartbeat
and my next appointment is another 2 weeks away.
Its nice to now be able to listen to the heartbeat whenever I want!
I think it will help my anxiety a lot.
I am 14 weeks and still feeling pretty aweful w/ headaches. They
just dont go away no matter what I do! Tylenol does nothing.
But listening to the heartbeat reminds me that there is
a life inside me and the headaches are just a part of getting this
little guy here!( I still sware boy!)

Baby's heart rate.
It was in the 160's but when I tried to take
a picture my hand moved and the heart rate went down.
But this will do:)
I am seriously in love with this baby!
Im due exactly 6 months from today.
Dec 28th

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Retirement at 22

This turned into a longer post than I thought it would...
read if you want!:)
Last Wednesday I put my 2 weeks notice in at work.
In one week I will be retired!
(outside of the home that is)
I have several reasons for quiting this early.
For one thing, I always planned on being a stay at
home mom so I knew once I was pregnant my time
at work would be limited to 9ish months.
I have truly enjoyed working at VZZ Law firm and love so many
of my co-workers. My boss was amazing when I went through
IVF. She was so willing to work w/ me when I needed the time off
for the procedure. Which brings me to another reason I quit.
I had no more available time off. Like zip.
I could probably only miss one day of work for being sick
until January(which I would have been gone by then anyway)
I get terrible migrains with this pregnancy so only being able to miss one day of work would not have been sufficiant.
I get migrains at least 3 times a week and already had
to miss work once this week.
So now I have the freedom to lay in bed ALL DAY if I am feeling
sick. Being at work and having to talk to people on the phone every 5 minutes is not good for my headaches.
My next reason sounds kind of silly but its not silly to me.
I have worked every summer since I was 15. The only summer
I had off was when I was in College dating Ben.
But once we were married I was right back into working.
So this summer I want to be able to enjoy my family.
They always do so many fun things and I feel left out.
My brother has never had a job.
I mean I know he went on a mission and is at BYU so I have to
give him credit, but still, every summer he maybe takes
one class but then gets to travel and hang out w/ my family.
SO this summer I get to hang out with my family and do fun
things instead of being stuck in an office.
My mom and aunt and cousins are coming up in 2 weeks and this will
be the first time I can actually spend the whole day doing stuff
with them. Usually I have to leave the whole day while they sit
and entertain themselves. Im so excited to have them all to myself.
At the end of July I am going home to Cheyenne
for our annual Frontier Days. Its a huge Rodeo that lasts for
10 days and there is lots of fun stuff to do.
I am so happy to just be able to go home and relax with my mom and dad and not have to worry about coming back to work.
Than my brother and his wife are coming up to spend a week
with Ben and I.
I also plan on going to cheyenne sometime this fall so
my mom can throw me a baby shower.
I just dont want to miss out on family anymore.
And yes....Ben and I will be fine financially.
I mean we will have to watch our spending but we have student loans
and we knew I wouldnt work anyway when the baby came.
So in the long run Im just cutting working days short by a few
months. But I feel its so important to stay home
with your kids and Im so excited to get prepared for this baby!
I am proud that I have had a job the whole time Ben and I have
been married and it has been so benificial.
Im glad I was able to work for 3 semesters of Bens law school.
I learned so much about Law by working at VZZ and it
was so fun. I am thankful for the job I had and I will miss it!
I will especially miss this gal!

This actually makes me really sad!
I dont know what Im going to do when
I dont see her everyday! I plan on taking
lots of ridiculous photos of myself and sending them to her
throughout the day so that we will be "together":)
Fairwell VZZ!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Random Ramblings!

Here are my random ramblings of the day...
along with pics of course!

Today is my parents 27th wedding anniversary
And they will be awesome grandparents.
I already call my mom Granny Annie
(her name is Andrea)

I am now 13 weeks folks
Pretty exciting!
I told myself that when I heard the heartbeat and
hit 12 weeks I would fully start relaxing...
well I hit 12 weeks and guess what, I am still anxious
now and then.
 I dont think that will ever go away.
So I shall medicate one day!
But I am still so happy and dont worry
Im not to the point of rolling around on
the floor in a fetal possition. I just get anxious moments.

A few days ago I got my first pair of maturnaty pants
because I cant fit into ANY of my jeans.
They were the most expensive jeans I have ever bought...
but worth every penny!

They make my butt look great too! ;););)
I think I will still wear them when Im not pregnant

I already want to start nesting and getting things
for the baby's room. My mom is coming up this summer
and she is buying us a crib. Im so excited!
I did a little change of decoration in my kitchen and living room

New tan/gold curtains instead of those
nasty blue ones
(the curtains are the same color
they just dont look like it w/ the sun shinging on them)

Wall art above the kitchen door
(I also have gold curtains for the door)

I am officially a member of the Dyson vacume club!
My sister in laws have one and now I have one too!
I got it for my birthday from my mommy.

And last but not friend Janelle
was mad I had not written about her in awhile in my blog
So here it goes!
I love Janelle. She is truly one of my best friends
and Im so glad she is in my life!
She is hilarious and always makes my day a little brighter!
Here is what we usually do instead of working! LOL

Im really going to miss her when Im not working...
Speaking of which, I gave my 2 weeks notice
But Im not going to get into that today.
There will be a blog post about it soon!

Well thats all of the ramblings for today!
But I shall leave you with a cute picture of my first baby!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Funny Famous Sibling Fights....

I am in the middle of two boys and
 we have been in some pretty funny fights.
My parents are to blame. They decided to have
3 kids in 3 1/2 years.
HOwever most of these brawls ended up in laughter
and now they are precious memories.
So I am sharing a few of our favorites!

Fight #1
My mom was getting ready in the bathroom
and this is what she came back to.
Instead of picking me up and saving me
from Mr. Meany, She snapped a picture.
(thank goodness for that)

Fight #2
When I was 7 and Jesse was 5 I was in
a little singing group called
Sunshine Generations.
Well I was singing for my mom one
of our songs as she was recording me.
Well Jesse comes in completly naked and
starts shaking his butt in the camera.
(yes he was always naked when he was little and he
was always a little charactor and making funny dances and
no, my parents did not care, they thought he was hilarious)
So anyway I am trying to sing for my mom and he comes in
doing his thing and I start yelling
"JESSE, it is not time for Nakey dance"
Well he ignores me and just keeps dancing.
I get so upset that I start yelling at him
and start chasing him around the kitchen as he
just keeps laughing and shaking.
(we have it all on video)

Fight #3
Aaron was always kind of mean when we were
little. He would make fun of me and Jesse.
Well one day we started throwing magic
markers at him.  He would
not have it and started chasing us around the house
as we would desperatly try to find our mom to hide.
He usually got to us first and would smack us on our backs.
We were left with red hand prints that we could
show our parents of proof of his bad behavior.
He would get into way more trouble then we would!

Fight #4
One year when Aaron and Jesse were at
Scout Camp there were these 2 boys who
had made some cool swords out of tree branches
and had trash can lids as armor.
Well Jesse and Aaron wanted to have a fun little
sword fight so the boys let them use their weaopons.
They told eachother that they were going to just
be soft and not hit hard because they were not there swords. 
Well as they started "pretend fighting"
things started to get more serious and the fight
got more intese. They started yelling at eachother
for being to rough. They both wouldnt stop and ended up
having a real full out sword fight.
They ended up breaking the swords on eachothers arms.
The other boys started laughing at the brawl they had just witnessed! Jesse and Aaron started laughing too, despite there
sore arms.

Fight #5
 Jesse and I had the last little bit of cereal one morning and
 Jessse decided it would be funny to tell me that the
salt was actually the sugar.
So when I took a bite and realized he had deceaved me
I asked if I could have some of his. He said no
So I decided that since I couldnt have cereal neither could he.
 I shoved my hand in his bowl knowing he wouldnt eat it after
my germs had contaminated it(he has major OCD)
He got mad and took the bowl and poured it all over my hair.
I started chasing him around the house yelling like a crazy woman.

Fight #6
BROKEN Flip Flop
When I was in my last year of Jr High
and Aaron was in his first year of high school
he was driving me to school after early morning seminary.
We usually fought about what to listen to in the car
on our 10 minute drive and for some reason this day
we really got at it. I dont really remember why.
Well we were yelling at eachother and as we got
closer to my school I told him to just drop
me off on the sidewalk and  I would walk the rest of the way.
So he pulled over and I got out. I got so mad
and threw my flip flop at him through the open window.
He blocked the shoe from hitting his face and ended up breaking it.
He threw it back at me and I had to walk around
the rest of the day with a broken flip flop.

Fight #7
In high school Aaron and I would go to lunch together
almost every day.
(see we were friends)
One day we were in the mall getting lunch with a good
number of our peers. We got into a fight about something
stupid and I(once again) got really mad and threw my plate of
fries at him. Most people got a giggle out of this fight but it 
was no laughing matter to us....until we got back in the car.
Then we started chuckling about how funny and stupid we were.

I cant really pin point anymore fights but there were
plenty more.But like I said, these fights usually ended in
 5 minutes with us laughing with eachother.
I really do love my brothers and we each have a special
little bond with eachother and these fightts are always fun
to laugh about.
They will be great uncles!

Oh and my parents really did punish us.
Its not like they let us run around crazy.
(OK thats not all the way true...we really didnt have any rules!)
But you knoww what...we ended up just fine and
I want my kids to be a little crazy too!
Its just more fun!:)

Friday, June 8, 2012


I'm a Copy Cat!

Meet Mishon
She is one of my best friends.
The first time I met her I picked her up
from her apartment to carpool down to BYU for a
seminar before our upcoming London Study abroad.
There were only a few of us that were from BYU-Idaho
so we instantly got to know eachother.
She was so fun and energetic and I was excited
to know that I already had a friend among strangers.
The first night in London she popped up on my bunk bed and we just
chit chatted away.
We were inseberable. She is the C to our Sclomps family!
(we made that name by combining all our last names)
(I have written a few posts about them!) BFFS FOREVER!
It seems like I copy Mishons every move in 6 month increments!

She got married 6 months before me

She found out she had PCOS 6 months before
 I found out I had it.
 We both had to endure the wrath of clomid and
fortunatly it finally worked for Mishon
and she became pregnant....
Clomid hated me and decided to do NOTHING

I was pregnant!(I was cutting it short to 7 months later)
But I like our tradition of 6 months)

Mishon is having a baby girl and she is Due end of July.
I am due the end of December
Do the math please...
6 months exactly!

Mishon was my rock during infertility treatments because
we could just complain together.
I was so excited when she got pregnant and it
gave me even more hope that it would happen for me!
I love her and I am so thankful that we both made
it through what seemed like a never ending nightmare!