Monday, August 29, 2011

No Eggs to Scramble

So I just got back from the Doctor for my check up to see if round 3 of clomid (the highest dosage they can give) helped me get some eggs. And well, it didnt!;(
I went to the appointment expecting the clomid not to work so it wasnt much of a shocker, but it was still hard to have the doctor say there is really nothing else they can do for me. My next step is to go to a reproductive specialist in Kansas City where they just deal with infertility. My doctor said it is very likely that the first thing they will recomend me to do is an IUI(Intrauterine Insemination) and then IVF(invetro fertilization) Ben and I have talked about what our next step would be,  and if we would be willing to do  IUI and IVF and we both agree that we would try. It is expensive and there is a higher chance of multipul births but we know its something we want to do. I would be cool with twins!;)....or maybe we would be Kalie and Ben, Plus Ten! I see a reality show in the making. hahaha!(Ten is highly unlikly)
Adoption is always an option as well, but we will try IUI and IVF first.
The good news is that we are heading in the right direction and the new doctors have so many tricks up there sleeves to help me get a baby. So now I just need to find a good center to go to. My doctor gave me some brochures for  clinics so now I just have to chose. The only negative about seeing the specialist is I would have to drive an hour to every appointment. I will just have to take some afternoons off of work. I guess thats not so bad;)
I am thinking positive thoughts now, no more negative nancy! I count my blessings everyday and I am so thankful that I have a great husband who is so suportive and helps me laugh through every bad situation I find myself in.  Plus when I told my mom the news she asked if there was anything she could do for me to make me feel better and I said "Yeah, take me to Hawaii" She loved the idea! So were thinking this spring would be good!;) At least I get a free vacation out of this! I am excited to start this next chapter and see if we get some good results. Hopefully I will be able to do an "Im expecting" post within the next year.
Wish us luck with everything!!!

P.S. Ben and I got called to be cub scout leaders. Im pretty excited. I think im most excited to wear the blue shirt and badges! I am going to look so HOT! hahaha;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The last days of summer

Well Ben started his 2nd semester of law school on Monday so summer is officially over.
We had a great summer and were able to spend the last week with my family.

We meet up on Saturday with the newlyweds and went on the Alpine slide!
Aaron and Aubrey were so cute...and of course, there was lots of "questions" involving the two 
of them. I mean come on its so hard not to interigate a newly married couple!;) 

Our last hug with Jesse. He leaves in one week for his mission to South Africa.
We will miss him so much!

My uncle found a Gocart at a garage sale and we had lots of fun
driving it around the neighborhood.

We played games and my mom got attacked by sily string.
I just think she is so cute!

Saturday night I met up with my London girls (minus Maren and Mishon) ;(
It was fun to catch up with them! Cortney brought her husband and
I was so suprised that he was actually taller then her!
He was very nice and cute! Good catch Cort.
 I didnt get to meet Jaclyns husband but he looks nice too!

This is the video of me running to Lana when I saw her walk in.
Lana was my other half in London and I always get so giddy when I see her!

I didnt get a picture of this next event but I still want to share it!

My favorite memory of the trip was the day before the wedding when me and my mom decided we wanted to have a manicure and pedicure. We have never had one and we totally diserved a day of pampering. I informed Ben that I would be gone all morning. Well Ben was not up to the idea of staying home all morning so I offered an invitation to join us wonderful woman thinking he would obviously say no. Well he didnt. So me, my mom and Ben went and got manicures and pedicures. It was so fun!I love Ben because he does stuff like that with me without feeling stupid. However he didnt get to have his nails and toes painted pretty colors like me and my mommy. I think he was ok with that;)However I was not impressed with my pedicure. It hurt when the lady was filing away on our toes. I looked over at Ben and could tell he was experiencing the same pain. After, when they asked how he liked it he said.........

"I feel like I just had a root canal on my foot!"
Haha. Oh Ben and his blunt honesty!
It was still lots of fun!

My mom found this sombrero at a thrift store so of course
we had to have a photo opp!

Well we are back in Kansas now enjoying our puppy!
Life is good!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Aarons Wedding

Aaron married Aubrey Thursday August 18, 2011. We love Aubrey and just think they are perfect!

I think Aubrey looks more then Aaron then I do!
I dont think people will believe them when they say they are not related!


The temple

Good lookin crew!

Could not ask for a better family!

Aubrey really got vicious w/ the cake!

This is my favorite picture of the night!
Jesse wanted to sample all desserts so he filled up his plate
and ran out of the reception into the hall so no one would see him!
It was hilarious!

The car turned out great! Hope they could see when they left!

It was a great wedding and we have had so much fun in Utah! It has been very
relaxing and I have loved being around my family! I will be sad to leave them but I
still have one day so I have to live it up!!!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

10 reasons I love Kansas

The spring in Kansas is beautiful. The trees start blooming the end of March and by April they are covered in purple and pink flowers.

They are magical and you feel like your looking at fairies when you watch them.

 There are so many trees

(weird I know but I love the sounds of crickets in the summer. Very peacefull!

 Real estate is cheap! You can get a great house for half the price as other places (cuz lets face it, who besides me and Ben want to end up living in Kansas! haha

 Kansas City is only 45 minutes away and it has everything a big city has to offer

 Lots of rivers and lakes. Mainly the Missouri and Kansas Rivers

 There are officially 4 seasons here! Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter...Im only used to two! 3 months of summer and 9 months of winter! Sorry Wyoming residence.

 So close to Bens family and all the cute neices and nephews! We are still trying to get the rest of the Romney family to settle in Missouri so we can all be close. Now I just need to convince my family to come!

 Kansas has my favorite kind of scenery. Prairrie mixed with corn fields mixed with trees and water. I just love the golds, blues and greens. I am so excited to have my own property and be able to sit on my porch and watch the sunset over the fields. LOVE IT!

There are many things to miss about Wyoming
But the main thing I miss is the Sky!
Nothing beats a Wyoming sky.

I think I will be satisfied wherever I end up because I love
the different qualities places have. Its always fun to experience
somehting new! But I think the midwest really sings to me
and I hope I can stay here forever!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Best friend, Sister and Mom all wraped up in One

I have always wanted a sister! Ever since I was little I would imagine a smaller version of me running around the house and I would ask my mom why I was stuck in the middle of 2 boys without another girl. I even went as far as forcing Jesse to dress up with me and be my sister "Wendy" for the day. I would see my friends who had sisters and would watch the bond they shared with eachother and I would feel bad for myself that I didnt have that. Jesse and Aaron are best friends and are always together and as much as I love them and have a blast with them, they have this special brotherly bond that I just do not share with them. However as I have gotten older I have realized that I really did have a sister growing up. My mom and me share a bond that feels more sisterlike then anything. We fight like sisters, laugh like sisters and talk like sisters. In Jr high I didnt want to go out with friends, I only wanted to hang out with my mom. We bonded over Americas Next Top Model, thrift stores and Coca cola. We were the women of the house and loved when the boys would go hunting and we had the house all to ourselves. We would have slumber parties in her room and talk all night. I look back now and realize that if I had a sister maybe the bond I share would not be as strong, I would have had to share her. I mean I share her with my brothers but they dont count because there boys and there is just something about moms and there daughters. We are so much alike and have a special intuition about eachother. We know exactly what the other one is thinking. I just love her to pieces and am so thankful I was blessed to be her daughter!

Same Smile and eyes

                                                                           She is always sending me goofy photos                               

I just think she is beautiful and full of life!

I want a daughter so bad so I can have the same relationship 
with her as I do with my mom!

Thanks mom for being the sister I never had!!!;)