Thursday, August 30, 2012

River Trip Mosh Pit

So this event Im about to blog about actually happened at the end of July
but I feel like I only blog about pregnancy stuff because, well thats all thats going on
in my life right now. So story time!
Aaron and Aubrey came to Kansas the last week of July to go on
a river trip with me and Ben. We had been planning this trip for months and were
very excited. Ben and his family have gone on several canoe trips in Missouri
and it always sounded so fun. I was excited to kick back and enjoy the scenic
float while I pretended to be Huckleberry Finn!
This is what I pictured

                                                                        This is what I got!

I can not tell you how many people were on this river!
When we first were dropped off with our canoe there were only
a few other people and it was not bad at all, but just
around the bend we started hearing loud music and our
eyes beheld this!
It didnt end. We had to go through a mosh pit of drunks on a raft
for 8 MILES!
Apparantly you are not suposed to go to the river on a weekend and during a droubt.
Several rivers were closed to rafters because the water was to low. So
there was only one river available for these drunken fools!
When I say drunken fools Im not exagerating. There
were bottles and bottles of beer floating down the river along with us.
People in there 60s were smoking and dancing on there rafts.
SAGGY BOOBS everywhere.....My brother and I both saw
this old hag flash her boobs with a guy doing a rasberry on them.
And its not like we could just look away because it was EVERYWHERE!
I feel like we were the only ones on the river actually wanting to canoe.
Everyone else just wanted to drink and smoke and yell and throw things and trash the place.
I dont care about people partying and drinking, but dont do it at a scenic river where people
want to enjoy the day. I mean COME ON!
But now we know.
Next time we will go on a weekday instead of the weekend and go later in August when most
the college kids are back at school.
Despite the crazy day at the river, we still had a good time. Our motel was right on the river
and it was like  a little resort with a pool, hot tub and resturaunt. The room was
really nice and it was very relaxing. So I plan on going back one day, especially when
our kids are older and can enjoy the water.
It really is a beautiful area with crystal clear water....we just want to
avoid the crazies who I guess are just wanting to have fun in there own way!
Cant judge! LOL

Monday, August 20, 2012

My (not so) Infertile Friend

At the beggining of this year when I was still classified as infertile,
I would look up blogs about infertility.
It was a way for me to not feel alone and that other girls were facing
what I was facing.  There was one blog that I found that caught my attention because
she had the exact same problem as me. Later as I kept followering her I realized
we had more in comman than I thought. She was going to a specialist in KC so I knew
she lived in/around my area. Sure enough, we both lived in Topeka.
So we met in March and our friendship started.
In July she did her first IVF and I am so happy because she...
Life is good!!!!
Her little beans due date is 2 days before my birthday. Im hoping he/she comes
late and we share a birthday. I am just so happy for her!
Yay for another infertile to cross the bridge into
"Just a normal pregnant gal!"

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nursery Progress

My mom has been here a week and she is leaving
tomorrow. It has been so fun having her here to help
with the nursery! We got a lot done and I am IN LOVE with it.

Painting the walls

The crib

My mom made the valance with left over
material from the crib


Im really glad we have all the big stuff done.
NOw I just need to do the accents and
put up the rest of the furniture.
I think this is all Im going to do for now
because I still need something to do these next few
months. But Im already piling up ideas to decorate the walls.
I just want to do it all now, but I must wait!
Pregnancy is just a bunch of waiting around.
Love pregnancy, hate the waiting!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tickled Pink

Well I guessed wrong!!!!

We are so excited!
I was still convinced it was a boy this morning.
But right when the ultrasound started I was looking for
a little (you know) and there just wasnt anything.
I instantly looked at my mom and Ben and started tearing up.
I was so excited!!!
"Ah its a Girl!"
Ben wasnt suprised because he really had no feeling either way.
But my mom and I were shocked!
I just was not expecting a girl so it made it more fun
to be suprised.
She is healthy with 10 fingers and 10 toes
and was even trying to suck her thumb
( just like her mom did until age 5)
It was so fun to see her move around.
She is a wiggly one.
We are over the moon!!!
 I love her little arms!

Its definitly a girl!

I had my brother and sis in law
sneak balloons in my dads
office to announce to him
what we were having.

 I love his face!!!!

Everyone is just so happy!
I called Bens mom right away to tell her.
She was so excited and told me she was secretly
hoping for a girl! Now there will be 6 little Romney grandaughters born within a year of eachother!
I can see some really cute photo shoots in the future!!!
8 grandaughters total!
My parents are just so excited!
Ben is very excited to have a little girl.
He came home and told Rice he is going to have a baby sister!:)
I just cant wait!
Lots of dresses and jewelry and bows and lipstic!

CLOUD 9!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

On Paper

I want to have this on "paper."

I have such a strong feeling that this baby is a boy!
I have felt little boy since the day I found out I was pregnant.
My mom knew that I was a girl from day one.
She wrote it in her journal and everything.
She had just found out she was pregnant and in her journnal
said she had such a strong feeling that I was a girl.
WHile she is writing in her journal she realized she was
writing in pink ink and she didnt even mean to grab that pen.
Most of her journal entrys were in blue and black.
This is taken right out of  her journal

"This baby is a girl, I just know it. I see lots
of little bows and braids in my future. Look at this, Im writing with a pink pen and I never write in anything but blue or black, could it be???? I think so. THINK PINK!"

Even at my anatamy scan the Dr couldnt tell I was a girl because
I was not cooperating. So she went her whole pregnancy without actual proof I was a girl.
I even saw a home video of my mom at the ultrasound where the Dr
told her they couldnt tell and she said,
"Its ok, I know its a little girl"

Last night I had a dream that the ultrasound showed a teenie weenie
and I was so excited. The dream was so realistic.
Everytime I feel kicks I tell Ben I feel HIM moving.
I cant wait until Thursday.
Now dont ge me wrong, if it is a little girl
I will be tickled pink.
I will be suprised because my feelings have been so strong about
a boy and I just cant picture a little girl yet.
But then I know that there will be lots of braids and bows in my
future as well!
Either way I'm getting the baby I always wanted!

Dear baby....if you are a little girl please dont be mad that
I refered to you as a boy the first 20 weeks you were in my womb.
I promise that the remaining 20 I will have it correct!:)
Unless you dont cooperate like your mommy did!
So please cooperate!
Love you! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nursery Sneak Peak

Yesterday started out as just a normal shopping
day with my sister in law. But it ended up to be a
"lets buy all of babies furniture" day
which then eventually led to
"lets make all of babies bedding" night!
We got a crib, changing table, baby dresser and
lots of fabric for the bedding.
My sis in law is an amazing sewer
(I cant even sew on a button) LOL
So we stayed up til 4 in the morning
making the bedding and bumpers. 
The boys put the crib together.
It was so much fun.
I cant beleive I found the perfect fabric I had in mind
for either a baby boy or girl!
My whole nursery is based on my air balloon mobile!
Im so excited.

Lookin good at 4 AM

Before and After

My inspiration

Close UP

It looks kind of feminin in this picture but when
you see it in person it totally could be a baby boys
room and the colors look more pastel in this picture than they actually are.
Plus if it is a boy(98% sure it is)
Im going to paint the walls a bright blue(or green) and I think
it will pull it together.
My mom is also going to stencil the name above
the crib and I think I will bring out the oranges and yellows
of the air balloons in the name.
(plus pics never do justice!)

Im pretty pleased with the outcome of the crib.
I just keep getting more and more excited.
I cant wait to put together all the other furniture
but I think for now the crib is good.