Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Three Years

Today Ben and I have been married for three years.
In some ways it seems like we have been married much longer. I could not ask
for a better companion. He knows exactly who I am and how to deal w/ all my silly
worries and enjoy me for me! And I definitly enjoy Ben for who he is!
He is my best friend and I am so happy I was able to make him a daddy!
So here is a little review of our first 3 years together.
Married January 30th 2010 in the Bountiful Temple
It was a beautiful day and only a little cold taking pics
We lived in Idaho for 4 months and I worked at a preschool
and Ben took the LSAT
We then decided to move to Cheyenne while we applied to Law School

We lived in Cheyenne for 6 months. I worked w/ my dad at his Dental
office and Ben applied to law school. We thought we would live in Cheyenne for 1 1/2 years
but we found out about Washburn and how you can start in January. So he applied and got accepted.
I was very sad about  leaving my family because I loved living close to them, but I was excited about
a new adventure.

We moved to Topeka December 2010
It only took me 2 months to not hate Topeka! LOL
We have now been in this house for 2  years and it has been perfect!
I absolutly love Topeka and hope that we end up staying here or at least somewhere
close. I wouldnt mind Kansas City or somewhere in Missouri.
I am already looking at houses in Topeka that I want to live in, so
fingers crossed for Topeka!

I started working at a law firm within the first month of living in Topeka.
I loved working there and met one of my best friends Janelle.
We had so much fun working together and she introduced me to some of my other best
friends here in Topeka. I'm glad I had the experiance of working in a law firm
but Im so happy to be a stay at home mommy!


Rice came into our family in Feb 2011.
I decided I wanted a dog to fufill my baby hunger. I didnt 'really get permission
from Ben. I mentioned to him I wanted a dog and we talked about it and I begged him and told him
I was getting one. We went to the store and I saw him and fell in love.
Ben said he had to think about it but I didnt want to take my chances of him getting taken.
So the next day after work I went and picked him up.
Ben loves Rice but he still has never let me off the hook for going behind his back to get hiim;
But life without our little pup would be so so so sad!
In March 2011 I found out I had PCOS so  the infertility treatments started.
I went on Clomid for 6 months w/ no success.
The summer of 2011 was a pretty good one! We went to San Fransisco with my family and then
went to Utah for my brothers wedding. Both trips were amazing!

Yay for adding Aubrey to the family!!!!
That fall we changed up our fertility treatments and we started
doing IUIs. We did 5 total. Each one leading to a negative prego test and
it was very discouraging.
But we were still happy and keeping our hopes high!
2012 was probably my favorite year thus far!!!!
So many exciting things happened!
We decided to do IVF in Febuary and by April we
had 2 of our perfect embryos transfered in me.
One of our embryos

Finding out we were pregnant was one of the most wonderful days of my life!
Our little Lily at only 6 weeks
Finding out baby was a girl
The birth of Lily

Lily just turned one month on Monday and she has brought so much joy to
our family!
Even though Ben and I had a hard time getting pregnant, I am so thankful
that we had almost 3 full years of marriage before a baby came into the family.
We had 3 years of growth together and we supported eachother through so much.
I love him so much!
Happy Anniversary Benjamin!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Got Milk????

CUZ I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This post is all about adventures of breastfeeding. I promise its not too
graffic! But if you dont really want to read all about the humours of breastfeeding and my milk makers, this is a post you can skip!

I know how you feel!!!

First off...My boobs are HUGE!
I mean I was an A cup before I got pregnant and the minute my milk came in
they turned to Ds. I couldnt fit into any of my bras. It was crazy. They have mellowed out
quite a bit, but they are still pretty big. I LOVE IT!
Its like I got a boob job without the surgery!
I feel like a real woman now. LOL

Secondly, my milk supply is more then plentiful!
My milk came in when Lily was only 1 day old.
It was like all of the sudden I turned into a cow.
The first few days I was overflowing with milk. Even the nurses were amazed at
how much milk was coming out. They even gave me a milk catcher to put on one
boob so that you dont leak when your feeding on the other. Its awesome.
Even though my boobs are not AS big as they were the first few days, the milk supply has
not gone down. I can pump 5 ounces in 5 minutes even after a long feeding.
(yes I have timed it)
I used to pump all the time just to get some of that access milk out, but then I thought maybe
I was training my body to produce more milk. SO I stopped that, but nothing changed.
I'm still a cow!
And poor Lily, if she even moves her mouth a tiny bit, she gets sprayed.
And not just a little spray, I mean my boobs are fountains.
The little babe gets covered!
Its like if we were trying to drink out of a gatorade bottle that had holes pumched all over it.
Its so sad/funny to see her trying to find my boob while milk is getting sprayed all over
her face. She doesnt seem to mind though, she's an easy baby!

Thirdly, when Lily is awake she constantly wants to nurse.
I will feed her forr a long time and then she is content for about 30 minutes and then
wants more. I will hold her and she will start bumping her head up and down with her mouth open
looking for that glorious boob.
Then she only nurses for a couple of minutes before fallling back asleep.
So I figured that it was more a comfort thing. So yesterday we introduced her to the binki
and it has worked like a charm. So instead of putting her back on the boob, I just shove
that wonderful creation in her mouth and she is so content. It is amazing at night too!
I didnt think she would need a pacifier because she likes to suck on her hands/thumb
but she seems to be hooked.

Lastly, I fully enjoy breastfeeding, besides the leaking and being sticky all the time.
Its fun to have Lily so excited to eat and have her look up at me with thosse
big blue eyes as if she is saying
"Thanks mom for this delicious drink!"
YOur welcome sweet girl, your welcome!:)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Catching Up

Wow it is really a lot harder blogging when you have a newborn.
So while Lily is content in her swing, I am going to do a quick update.
Lily is now over 2 weeks old. Its so crazy how fast its going.
At first it made me sad to think she is growing, but then I think about all the new fun things I get
to experience with her. She is already out of newborn clothes, yet she still looks so tiny.
She loves to cuddle and sleep in my arms. I put her on my chest before bed and when she is
fast asleep, I sneak her in the bassinet. Well its like she can sense that she is not in my warm arms anymore because she becomes fussy. I try and let her fuss it out a little, but if she starts screaming, I pick her up and rock her back to sleep. After that she goes down nicely and will sleep in her bassinet.
It doesnt bother me because I love to cuddle with her and I'm not to worried about a schedual yet because she is only 2 weeks old. She does what she wants!:)
She is such a mellow baby and hardley cries unless she is hungry. She looks just like Ben and has the cutest little lips ever!
My mom left a week ago and it was so fun having her here and she was a wonderful help!
I miss her!
Ben is an adorable dad. He loves to kiss her and when she is upset he says in the cutest baby voice
"what seems to be the trouble"
And Lily seems enchanted by her dad. Everytime he picks her up she just stares at him with her big blue eyes. They are both precious!
 I;m recovering pretty nicely from the C Section. I just am a little numb still right bellow
my belly button. Its really weird.
I love to take pictures of Lily and I feel like I might be going overboard, but she is just so cute and I cant help it. I just want to capture everything.
So here are some pics of Lilys first 2 weeks.

Lily and my mom
My mom knitted this outfit
Rice and Lily love eachother
First bath
Enjoying her swing
Daddy snuggle time
Napping with my girl
Jungle Girl
Anyway, things are great and I love my little family!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Birth of Lily

What a wonderful whirlwind this past week has been! Lily is here and she is everything I dreamed she would be. Adjusting to parenthood has been as easy as counting to 3!
I am so thankful for her and I feel a happiness that I have never felt before.
Ben and I are smitten!!!
So onto her birth.
Our plan was to go to the hospital at 7 am on Friday Dec 28 to get induced.
So the night before I was so giddy and excited and I knew I would not be able to sleep.
So I blogged, watched tv, and danced to Shakira's Hips Dont Lie (I think thats why my water broke!) 
At 2 am I still couldnt sleep so I called my brother and we talked and were laughing about how
I would probably have my water break before I actually got to the hospital.
After to talking to him, I finally fell asleep.
 I woke up to what felt like a bad cramp and stood up to go to the bathroom, and thats when
the gush came. Luckily it didnt get anywhere on the floor or couch.
So I got Ben and my mom up and we grabbed our packed bags and headed to the hospital.
We were all kind of tired and out of it, but still really giddy.
By the time we registered and they got me all hooked up, it was about 4:30.
My contractions felt like really bad period cramps, but I wouldnt say it
was real painful. Just more uncomfortable.
By 5:30 I was dialated to about a 6 so they said I could get my epideral.
I think the epideral was the worst part of labor because while they were putting the needle in,
I was having contractions and I had to sit up and it felt like I was sitting on hard rocks.
Once the drugs kicked in I felt just as relaxed as ever. Ben and my mom slept and I listened
to my ipod. The nurse would check me every hour to see if I had dialated more and by 11:30 a.m. I was to a 10 so the pushing started. At first it seemed like I was making great progess.
They could see Lily's head and she was tolerating the contractions good.
But by 2:30, Lily had not budged.
The pushing wasnt that bad, but I was getting frustrated that nothing was happening.
Lily's heart rate started to fluctuate. It would rise a lot and then just drop.
The Dr didnt want to risk anything and it had been 3 hours of me pushing, so
she though C section would be the best. Lily was stuck and they didnt want to risk having her
head come out, but her shoulders getting stuck.
So they took Ben to get ready to go to the O.R.
I looked at my mom and started to tear up, I wasnt nervous or anything, just kind of discouraged that
I wasnt going to be able to have a vaginal delivery after working so hard for it.
But the minute I got into the operating room the excitment rushed in and I just wanted to
see my baby girl.
After what seemed like an eternity of them cutting and slicing, we heard a little whimper and
before I knew it there was this little floppy thing being raised over the curtain.
It was just like the Lion King. I immediatly started bawling. Ben was holding my hand
and the tears just kept coming. It was this overwhelming sense of joy. I didnt get to hold her immidiatly and they let Ben go in the back to measure and give her a bath.
That was so hard because all I wanted to do was hold her.
When Ben finally came back holding her I lost it again. The nurse kept having to get me
tissues. I couldnt actually hold her because my arms were strapped down.
But Ben put her on my chest for a minute or so. I was immediately in love.
I  finally got to go into the recovery room. There I was greeted by my mommy and then
Ben came in with Lily.
While in recovery, Bens mom, sisters Rachel, Mary and Sarah, sis in law Jen and bro in law
Blake came to visit. I was learning how to breastfeed so my boob was just hanging out for the world to see. But I aint shy! It was really nice that they all came to see us since we didnt get to see them for
After 2 hours in recovery room they finally moved me into our post partum room.
IT was very nice and cozy. The first night we didnt get much sleep because every 20 minutes or so the nurses would come in and check on me and Lily.
At about 4 in the morning I had Ben get Lily out of the crib and I just held her and finally fell asleep.
I loved sleeping with my warm cuddly little baby.
The rest of the time at the hospital was pretty good. The only really bad night was Saturday night
because my belly was so full of gas. It felt like I was still pregnant and a baby was kicking me.
Gas pains are worse than contractions!
Sunday we just rested and watched TV all day. We had good food and just relaxed.
I honestly can say that labor/C section/recovery was not that bad. I found the weekend very exciting!
But after 3 days I was very ready to get Lily home.
She is an absolute dream baby and we are just so in love!
I absolutly love being a mommy!
This morning I was singing her lullabys as I rocked her and I could not even get through one
song without crying. I just cant believe this baby is mine. I feel like I have known
her little soul forever and I cant say enough how much I love her!
Now onto pictures

Our last picture of a family of 3
 Ah epidural bliss!
Daddy cutting the cord
 Its my baby
What a cute dad
My Christmas Clearance baby
I started this blog about 4 days ago, but just couldnt get it done.
I guess its because I have a baby!:)
Lily is now one week one day old and things have gone so smoothly.
We are having so much fun with her.
More details to come on another post for another day!:)