Friday, June 28, 2013

6 Months

I cant believe my baby is 6 months old. Where did the time go???
It seems like she was 3 months yesterday.
Lily is just the cutest little thing ever and she makes Ben and I so happy.
She is just so funny and has the cutest expressions. She is a very happy little
thing and always has a smile on her face. She is not shy at all and loves to get attention.
She is also pretty independent and I can put her on the floor and she
will be content with just a few toys.
At 6 months Lily can roll over, sit up, scoot in circles, giggle, smile, blabber, and grab her toys.
She recognizes her name and will immediately look over at us when we call her.
She loves Rice (not the food) but he doesn't particularly like her. Every time she sees him she just 
starts to smile and laugh and Rice totally ignores her. Its pretty sad.
She eats baby food but still prefers the good ol milk. She also sleeps in her own crib
now and has been doing awesome. When she is tired I just put her in and she snuggles
right up to her monkey blanket and is out cold. She usually goes to bed around 8:30
and sleeps until 8 in the morning. (I am adjusting to waking up earlier)
 She also takes about 2-3 naps a day for about an hour. She takes at least
one of her naps in her swing so I dont know what I am going to do when she is to big
for her swing. I will probably cry when I have to take it down to the basement.
Lily loves the pool and it makes going swimming so much more fun.
We go swimming at least once or twice a week so we are all getting pretty tan.
During her 6 months of life Lily has been on 3 trips totaling 6 plane rides and each time
she has been a total pro. We got this traveling thing down, which is good because we are going to be
going on lots of trips to see my family during this next year.
She doesn't have any teeth yet but I think she is teething because she keeps rubbing her gums
with her tongue and sometimes she is just grumpy for no reason at all.
 I cant wait for her to get some cute little teeth!
I am already getting excited for her first Halloween and Christmas. And don't get
me started on her first birthday. My sister in law and I have already started planning
for the party which will be during Christmas break in Cheyenne.
So here are some of her milestones that she has reached and the months she reached it at.
First smile- 5 weeks
First laugh- 4 months
First Roll over- 4 months
First solid food- 4 months
First time sitting up by herself -5 months
Scooting- 5 months
Im sure there are other things but I cant really think of them.
Anyway, Lily is just a jewel and my best friend! I cant believe she is mine!!!
Now time for pictures!



I still cant believe she is mine!!!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Made in Russia!

My older brother Aaron has been obsessed with Russia ever since we were in High School and sang
a Russian song in choir. He said he knew from that moment on that he would
go on his mission to Russia. Sure enough he was sent to Siberia.
After 2 years he came home with a fluent Russian accent and an assortment of Russian fur coats and hats!
He even minored in Russian at BYU.
Aubrey, his loving and adorable wife is all Russian now too.
There apartment is full of Russian art, boxes and Matryoshka dolls.
They even decided to go on a study abroad to Russia. Aaron did an internship with a
dentist while Aubrey went to school. So for the past few months they have been living with a Russian host family.
 Aaron and Aubrey have been married for almost 2 years and we were all
waiting on them to start trying for a baby.
They said they probably were going to wait until the fall. Well they changed their mind.
While in Russia Aubrey decided she wanted a baby and she wanted one now!

 There is going to be another grandbaby on my side of the family and
I could not be more thrilled!!!!!
She is due at the end of Feb so Lily and this lil babe will barely
be a year apart.
Aubrey was so awesome with me while I was pregnant. She threw my baby shower, looked up things
on the internet for me when I was having one of my Kalie freak outs and was just always
so happy about me! I cant wait to return the favor!
So Aaron was able to make one of his life long goals come true...
conceive one of his children in Russia!
(if you do know Aaron and Aubrey, don't mention it on facebook yet because they have not
announced it there. And don't worry, I got permission from Aubrey to write this post!)

Got Milk Numero 2

Ok once again...this is a post dedicated to that of breast feeding and my wondrous milk makers, so if you really don't care about hearing my updates on all things milk, this is a post you can skip!;)

Lily will be 6 months in 2 weeks and my boobs are still just as full as they were when she was 2 weeks! Everyone told me that the milk would die down a little as she got older. Well its just not happening! Every morning I wake up with can-elopes for boobs. I start nursing Lily and this is what happens!...see pic bellow. (imagine it milk though)

This is not an exaggeration and for those of you who have seen this phenomenon
(Jen and Aubrey) you know I'm not lying! 
And while Lily is nursing, she finds it very funny to stop in the middle and let herself get
showered with milk. She just laughs. I really think she does it on purpose just to torment me!
Even after she nurses, they are still full so sometimes I just have to go pump to get
the excess out. And usually I can pump 5 ounces on just one side.
Then usually within an hour I can feel that numbing sensation and I know that the shower has
started again! I don't know what I would do without nursing pads! They are my life savor.  
Lily doesn't like bottles and I realized its because she hates having to suck. She is so used to milk just pouring into her mouth. So I took a bottle and literally stabbed holes all over the nipple so that the milk would flow out faster and it totally did the trick!
(I forgot to mention that a lot of times I pump milk before I actually feed her so that its not such a rush, but even when I do that, it still sprays, just not as much.)
I swear my body was meant for twins. Feeding them would be a synch!
This is me to a T!:)
 So maybe my body cant produce an egg each month, but it sure knows how to produce milk!

If only they worked together as a team!!!;)
Well, that's all I have to say about that! HOpe you enjoyed the illustrations!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Now and Then

So for my whole life I have been super tiny. I was always the last one in the row at
class pictures in Elementary school. I was always really skinny and could fit into Jr girl clothes until I was 18. I think the jeans I wore during my engagement pictures were size 14 in the Jr section.
I always liked my body despite the fact that I had no butt and no boobs.
Ben liked my pettiness especially my legs! I had great legs!  
Once I got married I started developing into what I considered a "real woman"
My butt got bigger, my arms got fuller and the curves started.
Pregnancy added even more curves, plus a belly.
But despite the somewhat bloated look of my abdomen after childbirth, I love my new body!
Instead of feeling like I look like a teenager, I feel like I look like a 23 year old mom.
Things fit me better and I just feel better about myself.
I found this picture of me from 4 years ago when I was dating Ben and I feel like I look like a completely different person. I have matured physically and mentally from that little 19 year
old swimming at the lake with a cute boy.
Now I am a mommy, who still goes swimming with that cute boy!:)

(The moral of this story is that skinnier is not always better, and confidence is key!:)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our DESTINation

I have already been home from my wonderful beach vacation for a week and I miss it so much!
Me, Lily and my mom flew to Destin Florida for a week of fun and sun.
It was seriously so amazing. The sand is white and the ocean is teal. The weather was perfect and
I cannot think of a better vacation. Lily is now a pro traveler and I can about haul her anywhere.
My mom and I always stay at motel 6 when we go places, but that's A-ok with us because its cheap and there is a tv, air conditioning, and a pool and we save tons of money so that we can spend it on
other fun things. We are not high class travelers and that's the way we like it.
Lily also became a pro at swimming. The first time I got her in the pool she was a little hesitant but after a few minutes she totally got the hang of it. She just splashed and splashed and splashed.
 One of my favorite things we did was go to a waterpark. There was a little kid section and we just played with Lily for hours. We also took her down the lazy river and she was so relaxed she
fell asleep. My mom watched her for awhile so I could go down the big kid slides and I seriously felt like I was 10 and it was so much fun! There were never any lines either which was awesome!
We also spent a day going to thrift stores and that's when we came across the vintage coke store.
They had so many fun coke merchandise and of course we went a little picture crazy!
It was so much better than the coke factory in Vegas. The people were so nice and just adored Lily.
My dad came for the last 3 days we were there and it was really nice to see him. He is
such a cute grandpa and just adores Lily.
That pretty much sums up our vacation. We just relaxed and swam and ate Mcdonalds
 (see we are so not first class travelers) 
I want to go back already!
Here are some pics. My mom took all the pictures on her camera so these
are just some of the ones I already put on facebook...but they are so cute
so I will post them again!:)


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Letting Go

Dear Darling Little Lily,
          Your sleeping right next to me, as calm as ever. Your hands are curled and your monkey blanket is cuddled right to your face.You look like a little doll that's off in dreamland. You don't know this yet but tomorrow night I am going to put you in your own crib, in your own room. Break my heart!!! I have loved having you sleep next to me for 5 months. Your like my little cuddly teddy bear. I didn't originally have you sleep with me. You did just fine in your pack n play by our bed. But when you were so little and you woke up to eat, you would fall asleep in my arms and I just couldn't let you go. So slowly but surely you kicked daddy out of the bed and onto the floor. Daddy didn't mind...he likes his Japanese floor mat! I know, weird!:)
         You were and are such a fun little sleeping companion. I love holding your little hands and waking up in the morning with you and being greeted with lots of smiles and giggles. But its time for me to make that step and let you have some independence. As much as I would like you to sleep with me forever, Daddy needs his bed back, and we cant have a teenage girl still sleeping with us. Even though Uncle Jesse slept with Nana and Grandpa until he was like 10. (he is the exception!) (ocd plus night terrors is just not a good match for sleeping!)
        I have a feeling you will do just fine in your own crib because you pretty much do just fine with everything. Your still the easiest baby on the block! So tonight I am going to hold your  hand a little tighter and snuggle you a little longer, because tomorrow night I'm letting go. But don't worry, your always welcome in my bed to cuddle and I'm sure you will still have nights of sleeping with mommy and daddy. So sleep tight my wee one, for tomorrow we cry!:)