Monday, June 2, 2014

Out of the Freezer!

Here they are...out of the freezer and into my uterus!

Dont they look so pretty! 
The embryologist said they were very good quality and expanding nicely. YOu can see that they are
already hatching by the stuff coming out of the circle. 
I am really hoping for twins but one will do!
Now I just lay low for the next 2 days and then the waiting begins!
Its going to be a long week!!!!! 
I really really want these babies. I have always felt good about my frozen babies 
and I am hoping for the best. 
It is nice to know that we do still have one more embryo...but I hope I dont have to use it until 
after our twins turn 2!:) 
I think it would be so cool if we got all our babies from one cycle.
They were all once in the same petri dish!
Science is AWESOME!
I love these guys!

(And on a side note, when I trasnfered Lily and the other embryo, only one was hatching. The other one was
still a good quality embryo but one was already expanding. So I am thinking that Lily was the embryo 
that was in the hatching stage. SO maybe there really will be twins because both of these embryos were hatching.) 
Now I must watch Pretty Little Liars with Abby so I can keep my mind off negative thoughts! 
Nothing is better than teen dramas to get your mind off of your own mind!:)

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Jessie and Austin said...

I wish I could come hang out and keep you company! Good luck with everything, I hope you really have twins!