Monday, May 19, 2014

Our Newest Adventure

Ben is opening up his own law firm!!!!!
(here is his future office)

For a month now Ben has been searching high and low for a job and nothing was coming 
of it. I have always told Ben that I just didn't want to leave Topeka. I love it too much here!
But our options seemed a little bleak! 
When I came home from Utah I had one of the worst days ever! 
I was anxious about everything and was stranded in Kansas City and just frustrated about everything.
When Ben picked me up, with tears rolling down my face he hugged me and said
"The good thing about having a really bad day is that there is a really good day just around the corner"
And aint that the truth!
On Thursday Ben got a call from Adam Mack, a  Bankruptcy Attorney here in Topeka. 
I had met his wife a few times and she is super nice. We both were pregnant at the same time and named our daughters Lily. 
So Ben went to lunch with Adam and they talked for 2 hours about law stuff. 
Ben came home pretty much telling me he was going to open up his own firm and share an office building with Adam. I didn't even feel scared or shocked, just a tad bit suprised.
It was suprised because Ben said that he would never open up a law firm until he had
some experience. But Adam got out of law school and opened up his own law firm and he has
done very well for himself and will be Bens mentor in a way. He is really helping Ben 
get on his feet and giving him good ideas. 
We went to their house last night for dinner and stayed for 5 hours. Adam was giving Ben tons of tips and ideas. It will also be really nice that they will be sharing offices so that they can help each other out. 
Ben is going to focus on Immigration Law. There are only 2 other immigration attorneys here in Topeka and Ben has always wanted to use his Spanish with law. 
Now he just has to do the nitty gritty stuff that is involved with starting a buisness. 
My sister in law Aubrey knows how to do website and buisness logos (she did it in college)
So she is already hard at work designing for us. 
Ben also has to get his name out there and thats going to be lots of work. 
He is probably going to take out an add in the Spanish Newspaper and the Spanish radio here in Topeka. 
I think that in the long run this is the best decision for us and I am just really excited. 


Clinton and Danielle said...

Yay!! This is awesome! Congrats to you two!!

Amanda Jeffs said...

I'm glad you gave some more details here than what I saw on Facebook. I'm really excited for you guys! I'm sure you will do well.

BKromney said...

We are excited. Ben is really getting the ball rolling. There is a lot that goes into opening up your own buissness but he is tackling it all and were not having "buyers remorse" so it must be right!:)