Friday, November 21, 2014

A much needed update! Pregnancy with Twins

I cant believe I have not blogged in over 6 months! That's most my pregnancy!
Life is so crazy with a toddler and this summer I was too sick to even care about blogging. And then Ben took my laptop for his office and I got a tablet, which is way harder to blog with.
But today...Im catching up. Just so that the last blog post isn't from the day after we transferred the embryos. So lets go back 6 months!
Monday, June 2nd 2014 we transferred the embyros. The process was a matter of 10 minutes. They said that everything went great and they sent us off.
My cousin Abby was in town helping me since I had to have 2 days of bedrest after the transfer.
It was nice having her here to help me and distract me from being anxious.
Now the schedule said that I was going to take a blood pregnancy test on the following Tuesday. 8 days after the transfer...but I couldn't wait.
So on Saturday (4 days early) I took a pregnancy.
Immediately a 2nd line appeared. I started screaming and ran to show Ben and Abby.
I was shaking. I was so excited. When I took a pregnancy test with Lily I had tested 2 days early and at first it said negative. So I felt like this pregnancy was a little different. I instantly thought twins.
So for the next 4 days until the actual blood test, I would take a pregnancy test just to make sure
it was still saying positive. I had a nice collection of them. LOL
Our announcement picture
On Tuesday I had my blood test and the nurse called me back with CONGRADULATIONS!
She said that the HCG numbers looked great at 127. She said that was really good for an FET(frozen) transfer and that maybe there could be twins. Lily's HCG numbers were 119. So it was a lot
higher than her, but according to google, most twin numbers were in the 200 range.
So I thought either it was a boy and that's why the numbers were different, or there were two babies.
Two days later I had a repeat test to make sure numbers were rising. Numbers are supposed to double every 48 hours. Well they were like 20 point off of doubling which is still totally fine, but I was pretty positive that their was only one baby. I felt like if it was twins the numbers should be  a lot higher and be doubling more. But I was still happy knowing that so far things were going good.
So then about a month later came my first ultrasound.
It was a Friday morning and we had just gotten back from our
Branson family vacation. I was anxious about the ultrasound and seeing the heartbeat. Its always scary to go in for the first time and hope their is a heartbeat. The minute the ultrasound wand was placed, I could see 2 sacs. The Dr didn't even have to tell me. I just looked at Ben and giggled
I was so excited. Ben's family were all still in Missouri so we went back with the ultrasound pic in hand. It was really fun being able to share the news with most of the family there.
My family was shocked and thrilled.
We were all so excited!

The next few months consisted of morning sickeness, afternoon sickness and evening sickness.
I think I was way more sick with the twins than I was with Lily. But we were able to still have
some fun. We went to Cheyenne for Frontier Days which is always fun.
Then we were home for only 3 weeks before we went back to Cheyenne for a week.


Finally around 16 weeks I started feeling so much better and the sickness/tiredness disappeared and I
was full of energy and back to normal. It was so nice being able to feel normal and give my full attention to Lily.

On September 9th we had my 17 week ultrasound where we found out that the twins were

I had guessed that it was either a boy and girl or 2 boys. I had an instinct that baby B was our boy and sure enough he was.

Our girl will be named

Genevieve Marguerite 

Ben and I had talked about the name Genevieve once when Lily was really little and we were just having fun thinking of other names for future kids, but I hadn't thought about it until right before we
found out what we were having. So it was a pretty easy decision.
Marguerite (Marg-or-eat) not Margret, is Bens grandmothers name and my great grandmothers middle name. My great grandmother was from Switzerland and spoke French so I thought it was fitting to go with Genevieve.
And our boy will be...

Rhett Madsen

Rhett was the name Ben and I had in mind for a boy when we first got married. It would
have been Lilys name if she was a boy...but she wasn't.:)
Madsen is a family name on my side and I just like the sound of it.


Now I am 27 weeks and things are chugging along pretty nicely. I am still feeling pretty great in the day but night time is terrible. I just am really uncomfortable and have to switch sleeping positions once an hour. But I can live with it! I have always been a night owl anyway...and as long as I get a little nap in during the day I am good!  We are just so excited for our babies to come and join our family!

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