Tuesday, April 1, 2014

15 Months

Wow..I cant beleive Lily is 15 months.
She isnt a baby anymore and definitely keeps us busy!
She loves to run and run and run and I sware she never stops.
Church is almost impossible because she can barely sit still for 5 seconds. 
Ben and I are always taking turns running around the halls with her. 
But she is just as cute as ever.
Her favorite words right now are puppy and thank you. 
She says thank you everytime she gets food or a snack or a toy. 
Its the cutest thing. 
She loves dogs and when she hears them bark she says 
"puppy, woof woof"
I am in the process of weaning her from nursing which started a month ago. It has definitley
been a challenge completely stopping. She just likes nursing still and I like it too.
We only nurse at night though. She is fine without it in the daytime.
But I need her to be cut off when we start our next round of IVF. 
Things with Lily are always entertaining. She is always doing something funny, whether its her
expressions or what she says. I just love her.
She has 10 teeth and she is looking more and more like a toddler.
She loves bath time and just started dunking her head under the water while she is sitting up.
She thinks its hilarious.
 She has a really high vocabulary and she is very good at mimicking us!
Here are the words she can say.
1. mommy
2. Daddy
3. Aubrey
4. UH OH
5. Yummy
6. Yeah
7. NO
8. Nana
9. Owey
10. Bye
11. puppy
12. Baby
13. Turtle
14. THank you

I think thats pretty good for a 15 month old.
SHe is still a very happy little girl but she isnt as resilient as she used to be.
I cant take her shopping with me as much because she will only tolerate one store.
Shes starting to throw more tantrums and becoming impatient so when she wants
something, she makes it known. She is definitely getting into that stubborn stage.
But she is our little princess and we love her so much. I cant believe it was almost 2 years ago
I saw that little embryo on the monitor and now she is a healthy happy little girl!

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