Monday, March 3, 2014

Round 2

Well I made the first move to officially start round 2 of our baby making.
We have a consult with our RE on April 2nd where we will go over all the meds 
I have to take and our timeline on doing our FET.
We have our embryos stored in a different state so they will have to send them to Kansas City which 
can take a few weeks. 
We are looking at transferring the embryos sometime in May. 
Its a weird feeling this time around. Its not that Im not excited, its just that Lily still seems like a baby
to me so Im not as baby hungry like I was last time. 
Of course if I get pregnant, by the time the baby is born Lily will be a little over 2 years old and definitely wont be a baby anymore.
I am excited about doing IVF again. I had fun doing it last time. It is so interesting and fun to learn 
all about embryos and hormones and the womans body! 
If I was smarter in math and science I totally think it would be fun to be a reproductive DR. 
(or mabye juse the sonogram girl!)
So thats the plan!
Hopefully everything goes great with the transfer and we get another baby into our family!
Lily will be one cute big sister!

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Jessie and Austin said...

How exciting!!!!!! Keep us updated, you're such a good mommy you deserve all the children you can get!